Song of Life

01 Jul

Ugh….my side is achy this morning.  I don’t like it when it’s like this.  Not sure what I ate, or if it was anything at all.  Could just be this stinkin’ Crohn’s deciding it wants to cause me pain.  My drug of choice?  Music.

I went to the piano to play, my insides knowing the power that is in praise and music.  I at first played a bit of “Take Me Away,” a song that’s not complete yet.  But that song just didn’t have the power music that I wanted….it’s more quiet and reflective.  So instead I sang “Sweet Song of Life.”  Now THAT song I can belt with power and feeling and believe in the healing power of God!  Some of the words:

Breathe in the song of life, the dance of freedom, the spirit set free.  Breathe in the song of life, the music that was breathed into me.  Oh, the precious song of life, sing to me over and over!  That sweet, sweet song of life, may it become the breath I breathe.  

Oh, I cling to the tree…I taste from the river!  I have found the green pastures that feed me forever!  It’s your eyes that found me…you held me close.  You sang in my ear, that song…..of life.

When I was done, my side no longer hurt.


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Posted by on July 1, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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