Mexico, June 27

06 Jul

This morning was our last morning to get up lazily and have a nice breakfast.  We fly home bright and early tomorrow morning.  I’m actually ready to be home.  I have loved every minute that I’ve been here, whether it’s been in the pool with the kids or feeding the people around the dump.  I think that I could definitely live in Mexico, and do work like this church is doing for a while.  But since it was just a short trip, my mind is already at home where I live, wanting the routine, the comforts, and the normalcy of home life.  I look forward to when I can come here again.

My stomach was upset today, and felt like it was flushing stuff.  Not sure if that means the Crohn’s was acting up, but I don’t like it when it does this.  I had some D and stomach discomfort, and a general lack of appetite.  It will be good to be back home and eat food I know should be okay.  I have some Brasco Broth in the freezer, and some homemade yogurt already, so I think for a few days I’ll go back to intro foods on the SCD, just to reset my system.  I don’t think any permanent damage was done, so all in all, I’m relieved.

This morning we went to the local church, Perdon Y Amistad, that is running all of these programs.  It is the same church and the same pastor that Linda came to 13 years ago.  It was a good sized church, with probably 250 people in attendance or more at the second service.  The facilities are nothing spectacular, but I know a church is not the building but the people.  The sanctuary looks like a gym, and it’s very basic.  The people are so warm and inviting that it feels like home, even if we don’t look or speak the same.  We start off the morning with 45 minutes of worship, which was awesome!  I love to just sing and sing and sing praises with God’s people.  Even though I didn’t know most of the songs, the words were up on the screen so I could make it work.  It was an amazing time.  They had a man lead the first half, and then the ladies came up and did about 4 special songs.  Those girls can sing!  Towards the end, one of the girls sang Michael W. Smith’s “Above All.”  Even though I forgot some of the words, I still remembered the chorus.  “Crucified, laid behind the stone.  You lived to die, rejected and alone.  Like a rose, trampled on the ground…you took the fall, and thought of me….Above All.”  I was able to sing on the chorus, and just raised my hand in gratefulness for all that he has done for me.  My son was sitting on my lap at that moment, and so I sang in his ear.  Pretty soon, he gently took his hand and laid it on top of my upraised hand for the rest of the song.  We sat there together, worshiping, me singing the words gently into his ear and his heart.  It was a magical moment.

After worship Pastor Saul came up to speak.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the man I saw standing up there fit exactly.  If you look at him you wouldn’t immediately think he is a pastor.  You might see him as a professor at a college or something.  He is a dignified looking man, I would guess in his 60’s, with gray hair and a gray beard.  He’s not tall, nor is he short.  When I saw him, I thought of Acts 4:13, which talks about the disciples of Jesus being just ordinary men with no special training, but they had been with Jesus.  There is a spark and a life about Pastor Saul, and he is one that I would follow in an instant.  He is nothing special, but he is following how God leads, and God is pouring his blessings down upon him and his congregation. 

Pastor Saul spoke today about the things you are given, that you hold in your hand, which soon become ordinary because you have held them for so long.  He talked about Moses and the staff in his hand.  It was an ordinary staff that he had used for 40 years tending sheep.  But in that instant when God touched this tool, it became something extraordinary, and was used for His purposes.  He talked about Joshua, and about the woman who had nothing left in her house but a few drops of oil.  He then gave an example of modern times, about a race car driver.  Each of these people had something in their hand or their house that was ordinary, but which God wanted to use.  His exhortation to us, from what I could gather, was to look around and see what we are holding onto that is ordinary but God wants to use.  What have we had for years maybe, that God wants to touch.  And once we find it, believe!  It was a good challenge to hear, and I look forward to pondering it more with my husband and those who were also there.

After church we gathered together again to head back to the resort.  None of us felt like much food, so my family went straight to the pool.  Since it was our last day here, I let the kids play for 3 hours in the pool.  I also played, and got some sun.  I figured I needed to get some color on this white skin of mine to show that I had been out of the rain and in the sun!

Towards evening Rachel took our kids so Mark and I could have some time together.  Instead of go to the resort restaurants, we took off walking down the streets.  This is much more our style…to “go local” and get away from all the tourist stuff.  We stopped at a few stores, and bought a few things, and stopped by KFC to get dinner for Mark on the way back.  J  We got the kids, settled into our room, and packed for our early morning.  It is our last night here, but I will sleep well knowing that I will be home tomorrow.

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