What a difference a year makes…..

08 Jul

Last year at this time I was struggling just to breathe.  My energy, I realize now, was at about 30% for most of the summer.  I would spend 1 1/2 hours in the swim center with my kids M-TH, and come home too exhausted to think of much of anything.  I wanted to do so much last year with my kids.  Most of it just didn’t happen.

I realize also that I was likely battling a Crohn’s flare last summer. 

With the treatments I am on I have found my energy these past couple of months to be a pretty steady 70%.  At least…in the morning, that’s what it is!  I think it dips towards dinner time, but that could just be my natural rhythm.  I’m just glad that I have the energy and stamina this summer to keep up on the house, inside and out, and to keep up with my kids!  They are in some ways requiring less of me this summer because of age, but in other ways requires just as much.  There is so much I wish to do with them, and with my current energy level I feel that I can at least THINK about doing some of them.

The one thing I’ve learned this year is to give myself grace, and space, to take a breather.  I call them my “mom time-outs.”  It is a time where I sit and do something I want to do like read a magazine, watch a show, or mindlessly buzz around the Internet.  When my energy is getting low and I find myself not handling parenthood or life very well, I just put myself in one of these “time-outs” and hope that I can get the rest that I need.  🙂

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