The Death of Cable

18 Jul

We finally did it.  We pulled the plug on our cable service.  I’d like to tell you it was for noble reasons that we did it:  we wanted to spend more quality time together, or we wanted those influences gone out of our kids’ lives.  But no, that’s not why we did it.  Are you kidding?  We are as addicted as any other American family to the good ol’ squawk box!

No, the real reason we did it is one that I don’t, in part, really want to share with you.  I can tell you all I want about our continued “financial struggles” and it can still be pretty ambiguous.

But to say we cut it off because we fell behind and couldn’t pay the bill?  That we are going to make pitifully small payments for a long time in order to satisfy this debt?  That’s very vulnerable and real for me to say. 

I”m not even sure what else to say about it right now.  Sigh……

We made the decision because, for one, they were going to shut it off on us, and we wanted to leave things in good standing.  And the second reason is that all of our money and efforts right now need to go towards saving our house.  I don’t say these things to gain pity or general “atta-girl” accolades from people.

I simply feel that being real and transparent are important in our society, especially in these times.

I know that our family is not the only one going through this.

If my being open and honest about our situation gives someone a hope to hang onto and a knowledge that they are not the only ones, then I will be open and honest.

Because in the end, my only hope comes from Christ, and I will use whatever happens in my life to point people to that truth.

And the reality of this?

I’m excited!

I finally have time to read to my kids the stuff I’ve always wanted to read.  I get to play more games with them and connect in ways I’ve yet to even consider.  I can’t wait to spread the blanket out on the grass this summer and read “Peter Pan” or “Treasure Island” with them and dream about if we were there.  I look forward to all the adventures we will do now that the big black elephant is no longer available to steal our time.

And in the end, I know my family will be so much richer for this experience.

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Posted by on July 18, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


One response to “The Death of Cable

  1. Sus

    July 18, 2010 at 6:50 am

    It is something that I have threatened for along time and openly wished that I could do in this house because I see how much time it steals. Noble reasons or not …I wished that I would have done it sooner…you have given ME courage that it is OKAY to do that. So we are looking at doing that very soon here. I long for those evenings with my guys where we are just hanging and doing what we are doing with out HAVING to HAVE to watch the tv because it is there and consumes us. You amaze me at the courage that you give me….I am so blessed that we can do life together….the rest of the world can be jealous!!!


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