19 Jul

I forgot about the crash.  It’s been a while since the IV injection gave me a significant amount of energy, so I forgot that it only lasts for a few days and the downfall after that.  The energy crash is something I still can’t get used to.  Yes, the benefits are still in me of the added nutrients that I’m not getting, but to go from 90% energy for 3 days to less than 50% today is rough.  My eyes don’t want to open at all, my feet are slow, and I feel like I could sleep the day away.  But, I’ll keep pluggin’ along.  Life moves ahead whether I’m up for it or not!  The only thing I really don’t like is that it saps my energy to do the things I love as well.  Earlier I just wanted to sit at the piano and sing some songs, but I didn’t have the energy to even open my mouth.  I let my fingers play a song, and I sang along in my head, but that was about it.  I want to go back and play, but I just know that the energy is not there.  That’s what sucks about this energy crash…..


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