Neverending Story

26 Aug

Do you remember that movie in the 80’s called “The Neverending Story”?  I loved that one!  It’s about a boy who gets caught in the story of a book, and is swept away to a magical land where he battles evil, discovers himself, and saves the day.  And yes, everyone lives happily ever after.  🙂

The title of the movie though is what caught me today.  Sometimes, I bet, people feel like they are in their own “neverending story.”  The plot lines are the same, the characters don’t change all that much, and the story just keeps going around and around and around.  It can get kinda boring, if you are not careful, and complacency can set in.

Our life right now feels like a “neverending story.”  The kids are still out of school, and so the endless cycle of food and entertainment to keep the natives from going crazy goes on and on.  Life without tv just goes on and on.  I used to relish my time to myself at night.  Now I cringe at the thought and wonder if, truly, I could go to bed when the kids do. 

And then of course, we have the money thing.

Especially in this economy, the neverending story of doom and gloom and no money to be had just keeps going and going and going.  I hate to keep writing about our own struggles because I know that everyone is in the same boat.  I don’t want to sound like a broken record.  We’ve been here before in our 16 years of marriage, more times than I can count, and we might be here again.  That’s where my “neverending story” is today.  The crystal palace is just a breath away, but in the meantime we are stuck in the swamp fighting giants and ghosts and trying to regain our feet.

But you wanna know something?  The “neverending story” does have an ending, and that doesn’t change either.  Yes, in the movie the hero saves the day and all is well.  In our life, we might never be a hero like that, and our life-story may end on a quiet note, without all the fanfare and trumpets.  But we know the end.  We are secure in where we are going.  I may not be a princess in possessions, but I am a daughter of the most-high King.  The ending of my story goes like this:  I will fight through the giants of this world each and every day.  I will slay them not in my own power, but by His strength.  I will ride on the wings of my Saviour, and he will carry me to the end.  There will be a joyful celebration, when I reach the end, but that’s not what I desire.  The smile of my “Papa Dios” as he warmly embraces me, and says “well done,” is all that I truly want.  

My neverending story has it’s bumps and bruises, that’s for sure.  But the ending?  It is oh so good, and so worth the wait……..

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Posted by on August 26, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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