17 Sep

Man, I was sure cranky yesterday!  I woke up that way, and must have loved the feeling so much that I came back to it later that night.  NOT!  I finally decided it just wasn’t worth being awake, so went to bed around 8:30.  It was a beast to wake up this morning, but I’m happy to report that the crankies have taken their leave.

What brought it on?  Well, let me see…….

Not getting enough sleep might have been the first trigger.  I need a good 10 hours of sleep each night, but never get it.  And on those times where I only get 7-8, my body starts to rebel against me and life gets a titch more difficult!

Kids can always be a stress.  My kids were taking 30 minutes to get ready for school in the morning, leaving us only 15 to eat breakfast.  This really irked my hide.  My breakfast time with the kids is something I love and cherish.  We typically will read the bible and then talk about what we’ve just read.  I’ll also read to them out of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”  It is a great time for us to connect, and learn some good life lessons.

Of course, there’s always the money thing.  I would love to tell you that I’m always up and never let our money situation get me down, but that would not be the truth.  I honestly do carry a positive attitude about it 99% of the time.  But it’s those couple of other times that really get to me.  Seeing all the bills add up with no way to pay for them gets tiring.  Sometimes, my feet just stumble a bit.  When I went to bed last night, that’s where my brain was going.  So, I went to sleep before my thoughts could get out of hand, and then woke up this morning to try and get my feet straight again.

Truth is, I don’t get cranky very often.  I don’t like to snap at the kids or pick a fight with my husband.  But there are just times where things pile up.  My mood becomes sour, and there is nothing that anyone can say that will turn it around.


Today is a new day, and there were so many blessings this past week.  Grandparents visiting, food in the fridge, time spent with kids.  All of it was good, even the trials.  I’m glad that my crankies don’t last long.  I’d much rather think on the good in life than the bad.  🙂

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Posted by on September 17, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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