Give up on the dream?

20 Sep

Have you ever been given a vision for your life, or a word from God, and then had to wait?  And wait, and wait, and wait….. Pretty soon, people start to question you on if you are doing the right thing.  You may even start to question yourself and what you heard/saw.  If it takes long enough, you may even feel like giving up.  That it’s too hard to keep believing, and keep trusting.

This morning I asked God to remind me of all those in the bible who were given a vision for their future, yet had to wait for the realization of that dream.

I wonder if Joshua started to question the vision of the mighty man of God standing in front of him who told him to march around this huge wall for 7 days?  On day 6, did the people start to whisper behind his back, and did he hear their grumblings?  Did he wonder if he should just stop? 

Joseph languished in jail for years, remembering the vision God had given him.  Did he wonder if he saw it right?  Did he doubt what he had seen and been told? 

Noah built the ark for 100 years.  No one had ever seen rain.  I’m sure all of his neighbors came and laughed at him, and told him he was crazy.  During that time of waiting for God’s plan to come to pass, did he stay strong in following the vision God gave him?

Jesus did one simple miracle, and still months later people were up in arms about it.  They questioned him, and they mocked him.  They even called him crazy and demon-possessed!  When he had to defend himself and his decisions to these people, did he keep in his mind the final goal of his life?  Did he keep trusting in his Father even when the road got hard?

Moses kept walking.  Paul kept preaching.  Esther invited the king a second time.  David kept hiding, and singing.  Elijah kept proclaiming.  Daniel kept praying. 

All of them were given a vision for their future.  They all believed, and trusted, what they had heard.  They never gave up.

Is it so different for us today?  Is it any more difficult to believe?

My husband was given a vision for our lives years ago.  He has continued to believe in that dream.  He has been called crazy.  He has been doubted.  He has been beat down by the circumstances of life, and he has continued to believe. 

When God gives you a vision for your life, what will you do?  Will you stay strong for a short time, and then falter?

Or will you continue to believe in that dream, and keep pressing forward, and trust in Him for everything?

That’s where we are right now. 

Pressing forward…….believing………trusting.

Believing in HIM who makes the impossible…………………….possible.

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