In search of the Noodle

29 Sep

I have a new quest for myself.  It is a worthy challenge, and one that I will endeavour to succeed in to the highest degree.  I….will…..find……..the Noodle.

See, on my diet, I cannot eat pasta.  And that is a real shame.  Not that I’m a pasta-freak, but a good pasta dish every now and then is a great thing.  Take last night, for example.  I wanted to make a sort of “lasagna” for dinner.  Problem being of course that I can’t have regular noodles.  So, I looked on the Internet for suggestions on what I can make to “replace” the noodles in the dish.  You want to know what I found?  Squash or zucchini. 


On the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, many people claim that squash and zucchini are great substitutes for noodles.  I’ve even seen some pictures, and they don’t look half bad!  However, the couple times I’ve tried them, it turns out disastrous.  And I don’t think it’s just my method, though I’m sure that could use some improving.  I think the medium I’m working with does not lend itself readily to anything other than limp, squishy, quazi-noodle-shaped things.  My “Squishy Lasagna Bake” turned out wonderful in taste (to me!), but just didn’t have the noodles (thus it can’t really be called a lasagna, can it?), which was a shame.  The squash just didn’t quite cut it.  

I want more.  I want the firm or soft texture of a perfectly cooked noodle.  I want something that will truly replace this wonderful art form.  I’m tired of squishy, wet noodles.

Seeing how I can’t even make my own noodles the normal way (I can’t have any sort of white or wheat flour…just nut flour), this will definitely be a challenge.  I think today I may go look up a regular recipe, and see how I can maybe modify it.  I’ve got some time on my hands.  Maybe I’ll get lucky, and actually find something that will work.

I am determined.

I will find the Noodle.

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Posted by on September 29, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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