So what DO I eat?

29 Sep

I’ve realized that, since I began this blog so long ago, many people might not realize what I can and cannot eat, and why.  So, here goes……

Essentially I eat chicken, fish, and hamburger.  I do not eat any processed meats except bacon once a month.  I only eat fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.  I eat nuts, and use nut butter and nut flour for baking.  The only sweetener I use is honey.  I stay away from all starchy and sugary foods.  That includes rice, potatoes, bread made with flour (except nut flour), and noodles.  Basically, I stay away from anything made with regular flour.  I do drink coffee, but stay away from liquid milk and soda.  I make my own yogurt and homemade chicken soup, and eat that once a day.  I also eat a lot of eggs that come from my own chickens in the backyard. 

I’m on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  I chose this diet for a couple of reasons.  One is that it seemed to have some background behind it.  It’s not just one that’s showed up in the last few years and is the “next big thing.”  There isn’t a lot of mainstream research about this diet, but that’s because the mainstream medical community still says diet plays no role in those with compromised immune systems.  The main thought behind this diet is:  our digestive systems have a fine balance of good bugs and bad bugs in them (I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics?  Think of that when I talk about “bugs”).   We all know about acidophilus being one of the good guys.  Do you also know that there is E. Coli in there?  The problems start to happen when the bad bugs outweigh the good.  Think of if E. Coli became rampant in your system, and you have a big problem!  As long as there are enough good bugs to fight off the bad bugs and keep them in check, you will do fine.  But what do you do when the bad bugs grow too big for their britches?  The person behind this diet states that the bad bugs feed off of starchy and sugary substances.  Any bread, rice, cookies, cakes, candy, etc. will encourage them to overgrow.  Therefore, quit feeding them the stuff they love and thrive in!  Once you stop feeding them their “fertilizer,” work really hard at getting the good guys back in balance.  Think of your lawn.  There are always some weeds, but as long as your grass in healthy, they don’t take over.  Start to neglect your grass, and the weeds will slowly start to choke out the beautiful grass until there is nothing but bad stuff.

So, my system got out of whack somehow.  I decided to change, and went cold-turkey.  Overnight I stripped all processed foods, starchy foods, and sugary foods out of my diet.  No more bread, cookies, margarine, canned, food, fast food….all of it, gone.  Within a few weeks most of my symptoms were gone.  I lost 56 pounds, mostly due to getting rid of all that crap out of my system.  10 months later I’m still doing great.  I’ve learned how to bake yummy things with almond flour and honey.  I’m slowly introducing new foods into my diet.  I’ve seen some other great recipes that I’m dying to try.  I don’t know if this diet can help “heal” my gut (there is no cure for Crohn’s, and you cannot reverse the damage once done), but I know that it has done wonders for the symptoms, and I feel great.  And I know that I’m eating healthy, which will benefit me in the long run.

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