Land! Land!

11 Oct

I have this wonderful devotional book titled “The One Year Christian History.”  I love reading all these little tidbits of how God has worked through history in the lives of believers.  This morning the story was about Christopher Columbus:

After sailing for over 2 months on the open ocean, the men aboard Columbus’ three ships were growing restless.  A mutiny seemed imminent if they did not turn back.  On October 9, the three captains met, and Columbus agreed that if by October 12 they had not sighted land, they would turn around and go home.  On the morning of October 11, 1492, the men were very tense, yet Columbus was confident that God would soon reveal his promised land.  Suddenly, a shout went up from the Pinta that a reed and a small piece of wood obviously carved by a man was seen in the water.  A short time later a twig with roses on it was sighted by the Nina.  At 10 p.m that night, a brief light shone in the distance, and then was gone.  At 2 a.m the next morning, just 4 hours before the dawn and the ships were to turn back, the lookout cried out, “Land!  Land!”  The men looked out and, in the moonlight, saw with their own eyes the pale, white cliff of the new land.

I love this story for a few reasons.  For one, I love that God gave a sign so small as to be almost insignificant, yet held in its hand all the promises of a new life, a new world.  Those small pieces of wood could have been easily missed in the vastness of the ocean, yet with the diligent eyes of the crew they were not, and hope was restored.  The other reason I like this story is the fact that the ships were mere hours away from turning back, yet Columbus did not give up on God.  He remained confident that God would reveal the promised land, even when defeat was so close at hand.

Are you close to defeat?  Have you given up on the dream that God gave you?  Take heart!  Look for the God-signs around you.  They are there….you just have to be diligent, and look for them.  Don’t give up.  The night is darkest right before the dawn, but with the coming of the sun comes hope, peace, and God’s overwhelming blessings in our lives.

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