Doctors, Part 9

18 Oct

I am believing more and more that what I’m doing for this Crohn’s is actually working.  I’ve been on this diet for almost a year, and have followed the Naturopath’s protocol for 9 months.  We just took some blood last month, and had a bunch of my levels tested.  Here’s where things sit:

One of the main indicators that I had inflammation going on somewhere in my body was the CRP level.  When first diagnosed, this was at 23.  A normal CRP level is less than 0.30.  The 0.30 level is at the top end of normal, and means a high risk of cardio problems.  A level of 23 means, basically, “help!  This whole body is in disarray!”  Right now, my CRP came back at 0.31.  Woooohooooo!!!!!  The CRP is not always an indicator of inflammation going on in the body (I know of other Crohnies who have normal CRP levels, yet their inflammation is still active), but in my case, it is a very good indicator that things are looking up!

My Vitamin D is now at a normal level, where before it was very low.  I’ll keep taking 5,000 a day to keep it where it needs to be.

Cholesterol still looks great at 153, even though I am eating full-fat homemade yogurt, lots of high-calorie nut flour baked goods, and try to put real butter on everything.  🙂  This was actually low a few months back at 93, so it’s good that it is where it should be.

A big surprise was the testosterone level.  I knew this was low, but never took a full course of anything to correct it.  IT IS NOW NORMAL!!!  What this tells us is that my body is, in some ways, starting to re-balance itself and heal the areas that it can heal (the Crohn’s inflammation cannot be healed….it can just get better).  THAT is very cool to me.  🙂

My iron stores are looking up.  A low storage of iron can also mean bleeding inside (likely due to inflammation).  My level was at 9 last time, and is now at 17.  Again, another marker getting to “normal” without any undue interference from me!

This has really excited me, cautiously.  When I was diagnosed, the GI doctor I was seeing wanted to put me on a strong immunosuppressant and steroids right away to get this inflammation under control.  The immunosuppressant would have, just like it sounds, “calmed” down my immune system by suppressing it, which they HOPE would make the inflammation stop.  But while taking that, I would be susceptible to any cold or virus that came along.  NOT a good option when I’m now a teacher and my kids are back in school!  In addition, these drugs could often have the side-effects of bloating, gas, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea.  These are all symptoms of Crohns, which I DON’T HAVE.  I surely didn’t want to take a drug that would give me the Crohn’s symptoms I was trying to avoid!  This GI doc was very skeptical that any natural or diet approach could work.  I look forward to emailing him at some point in time to tell him how things are going.  🙂

I’m not out of the woods yet.  A colonoscopy still looms in my near future.  It’s only through that test, an actual visual inspection of the problem areas, that we’ll know how much good has been done.  Until then, I still will remain cautiously skeptical.

But I think these latest blood results are pretty cool.  🙂

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