WFD: Salmon, apples, broccoli

26 Oct

What’s For Dinner?

With my new supply of resources for food I was able to get some Salmon last week that was pretty inexpensive.  I love to have fish at least once a week, and it felt really great to get back to that for this week!  My salmon meals are often pretty simple, but are always a wonderful and filling dinner.  This is a picture of my dinner plate last night (how I ate for having Crohn’s), and here’s what I did:

Salmon: I took a nice sized fillet and broiled it for about 3 minutes first.  In the past I have not cooked salmon with the skin on (though I’ve just found out that cooking with the skin on can have it’s benefits!), and this is a great way to get it off.  After broiling for a short time, the skin just peels right off.  Tonight I took a few big pats of butter and threw them on the bottom of the pan to melt, then added two big spoonfuls of minced garlic to the butter.  I set the salmon on top of my “garlic butter.”  I then took a large lemon, first did a titch of lemon zest on top of the fillet, and then juiced the lemon right into the pan.  Finally, I drizzled probably about 1/4 cup of honey over the fish.  At 350 this took about 15 minutes to cook.

Apples: My baked apples are very simple, and thankfully my family has not gotten bored of them yet!  I took 4-5 meduim apples (various kinds), peeled them and sliced them up.  After placing them in an oven-safe dish, I drizzled about 1/4 cup of honey on top and sprinkled with cinnamon.  I cook this, lid on or off doesn’t matter, at 350 for about 20-30 minutes.  A shorter time frame will have crisper apples.  A longer time-frame will make this almost into baked applesauce as the apples will just about fall apart when you stir!

Broccoli: Of course, the broccoli is nothing fancy.  My family loves broccoli, and it’s so good for them, so I serve this as often as I can.  I’ve found that my family will eat more of it if I put a bit of cheddar cheese on top, so that’s what I do!  I simply steam them until mostly soft and then melt the butter on top.  Instant yummy veggies for my family!

Review: I had planned to serve brown rice with this meal, for my non-SCD family.  But the rice didn’t get done in time so I just eliminated it.  My kids actually didn’t even miss not having a starch for dinner!  We each just had the apples, salmon, and broccoli, and that filled us up.  I loved the flavor of the salmon tonight.  It had a tangy-sweetness that was delicious!  When I served it I took some of the juice from the bottom of the pan and drizzled it on top of the portions, and that gave an even more intense flavor.  This meal is a great example of how a person can eat a full meal without serving bread or rice or potatoes.  Our society has told us that we need something like that with our meals, but truly, most of us….don’t!  And if one is still hungry, like my son was, a second helping of veggies or fruit never hurt anyone!

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