WFD: Chicken Pot Pie

05 Nov

Yep, you heard me right.  Tonight, I made an SCD-legal chicken pot pie for the family!  I just picked up a new cookbook called The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, and saw this recipe. This is a great book for anyone wanting to get away from all the white-flour recipes.  There are a few things that she uses freely (like agave nectar as a sweetener) that I have to substitute for, but on the whole the recipes are sound and healthy.  The author and her son have Celiac Disease, and so out of necessity she began creating these wonderful recipes.  It is cheap on Amazon, and well worth the money.  You can also check out her blog at for more recipes and ideas.

In the future I’m going to call this recipe Pam’s Goulash, even though I’m not sure what goulash is.  I just think of that word when something is kinda like a stew, and you just throw a bunch of things in!  🙂


This didn’t have the “pie” consistency that you would normally have with a pot pie, because the crust was made from almond flour and not white flour.  I was a bit disappointed in my crust in that it didn’t hold up, and instead acted almost like crackers do when you put them in chili.  Still, the result was very delicious!

Since this recipe came from a book that I purchased, I cannot put it down here in full, though I’m sure I will play with the recipe to make it my own, and then I can share!  But right now I can tell you that, in addition to the almond flour crust, I made a wonderful pie filling that consisted of onions, chicken, carrots, celery, parsley, and frozen peas.  I used turkey stock and coconut flour as a thickener, and it worked pretty well.  The only seasonings were a teaspoon of salt and some pepper sprinkled on top.  I was amazed at how full the flavor was with just these simple ingredients!

I didn’t take a picture because it didn’t look too pretty.  But it tasted very yummy!  The real test isn’t from my kids (who are picky to begin with), but with my born-and-bred American husband who was raised on good ol’ American food!  If you want down-home comfort food, you go see my mother-in-law.  She makes those dishes the best!  Well, my husband proclaimed this a success.  He loved the flavor and the consistency, and it filled him up.  Now THAT is a successful dinner, especially considering my husband is one who was raised with the idea that you HAVE to have some sort of bread or starch with dinner!

Along with the pot pie I served a simple iceberg lettuce salad and a cantaloupe/apple salad.  The table looked a bit empty, but we all left with our bellies full, which is the end goal for me!

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