The Exuberance of Youth

21 Nov

This morning there was less than a dusting of snow at our house.  Literally, you had to look very hard for any trace of snow, but it was there…barely.  I smiled as soon as I found it, and told the kids to come and look.  As soon as they saw the dusting on top of my car, they started screaming, “SNOW!  SNOW!  DAD!!!  IT SNOWED!!!”  I loved watching their faces and their movements as they ran around the house screaming in pure delight over such a small, trivial thing.

Sometimes I wonder where we as adults lost that same exuberance.  Not just for snow, but for lots of things.  We open a present we’ve always been wanting, and we might just exclaim “Wow!” with half-hearted praise.  Or our kid hits a home run in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded, and we stand up and clap our hands with a big smile on our face.  We might even shout out a  “woohoo!”  Both reactions are fine, and are perfectly acceptable in our society.

I for one am not ashamed to jump up and down and yell and scream like a madman when things like this happen.  Yes, people may look at me like I’m weird, but I don’t care.  I figure it like this:  I’ve only got one life on this earth.  I’ve only got each day to live, once.  I can’t go back and cheer again.  I can’t go back and say “thank you” from my heart.  I’ve only got this moment to live, and I’m going to live it to the fullest and best that I can.

I was led this week by a worship leader to worship with this same type of child-like exuberance.  Not so that people will look at us and say, “wow, look at her!”  But simply because we’ve been set free.  We don’t have to be tied down by our sins or our shames any more.  Christ died on the cross, once, and forever.  He took that moment in time that he was destined for, and lived into it as only he could.  I’m sure when he cried out to his Father to take this cup from him, he didn’t just say it half-heartedly.  I’m sure he said it with all the painful cries that come from a heart deep in anguish.  He lived that moment, and the  moments that came afterward, without shying away and he expressed his feelings with all the emotion that God had given him.

I want to live my life in each moment, not afraid to express my joy at being set free.  I want to jump up and down because of all that has been done for me.  I want to cry out in my heart, “hooray!” to My God who has walked with me since before I was even born.

I want to be like my kids and run around screaming with love and excitement, simply because life is good.

Life is good.

Do you know it?

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Posted by on November 21, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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