Test prep, update

30 Nov

Well, this went pretty well!  I must say the wonderful stuff I had to drink was a ton more palpable without the flavoring.  I think it was the fake pineapple flavor last year that had me urping half-way through!  Without the flavoring it just tasted slightly salty, and just was a bit “heavy.”  That’s all.

This time, I also did a little mind-over-matter trick to fool myself and get the stuff to stay down.  🙂

Instead of getting a big glass, I found a small glass that was exactly 8 ounces.  That way, as I looked at the cup, it felt like it really wasn’t all that much to drink.  A bigger glass would have felt futile to me….even if it wasn’t totally full.  That was my first step.

My second was to have homemade apple juice on hand, after every glass that I had to chug down.  I just didn’t think about what I was drinking, and as soon as the last drop was down, I swallowed a big gulp of apple juice.  Voila!!!  Instantly the bad flavor was gone, replaced my something nummy.  It worked!!!  Not once did the stuff try to come back up.  🙂

My low-fiber diet of the past 3 days helped a ton as well I think.  It put my gut in a good position to be able to be cleaned out pretty easily.  I’m SO thankful for that!

All total, this clean-out went so much better than the one last year.  Now, I’m ready to get this test done so I can EAT!!!

Oh…on another note….there is nothing quite like sitting in the bathroom doing your thing during something like this, and hearing your family in the other room break out into a vigorous chant of  “Go Mommy!  Go Mommy!  Go!  Go!  Go Mommy!”  Bless their hearts…..they love me so much!!!


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Posted by on November 30, 2010 in Crohn's Journal, Doctor Journal


One response to “Test prep, update

  1. Suz

    November 30, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Oh a flash mob at your house singing!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I am so thankful that it all worked itself out so nicely….here’s to a good outxome for what ever that may be!! hugs my dear one!!


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