Colonoscopy Results

01 Dec

Well, the test is over, and I have a printout in front of me with the abbreviated results.  I will wait for the “official” report to come to me in a couple weeks, and then I’ll really believe all that’s being said when I sit down with the doctor and he goes over it with me.  BUT………

The results show NO inflammation present!!!

What???  Holy Cow!!!  For real???  Without meds???  And just with your diet and supplements???  Are you KIDDING ME???

LOL  🙂

Yep, that’s what it shows.  I have the pictures right in front of me, and they show no inflammation, no angry red spots, and no cobblestoning.

For those who are not familiar with Crohn’s, let me take a detour:  Crohn’s causes a very distinct type of inflammation inside your gut.  It can make your normally pink insides look VERY red (think of road rash when you’ve just wiped out on a bike or skateboard).  Another very distinct marker is what’s called “cobblestoning.”  This is where a part of your gut literally looks like an old cobblestoned roadway, with bumps all along it.  Only, with Crohn’s, the cobblestones are tiny ulcers (if I remember correctly).  Think of canker-sores.  Imagine having hundreds of those lining your mouth, and you get the picture.

That’s what my large intestine looked like, a year ago.  On the right side, from down low running up to under my ribs and going half-way across my chest, that part of my large intestine was angry red and severely cobblestoned.  Every doctor that looked at the pictures simply said something like “wow!”, and there was NO question as to what was going on, and the damage that was being done.

Fast forward through this past year.  I said no to the drugs (steroids and immunosuppressants, which literally, suppress your immune system).  My GI doc thought I was crazy, and said the only way to treat Crohn’s was with life-long drugs.  I told him I wanted to try diet and Naturopathic medicine, and see where that would take me.  I started on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and supplements under the care of my Naturopath.  I stayed with the diet through thick and thin, always with a mind towards the thought that “this is my one chance to see if it works.”  I was fanatical in how I stuck with the diet. 

And now I have the proof that diet does in fact do something for this disease.  The pictures are clear.  No angry red portions.  No cobblestones.  No inflammation, period.

There is damage done, of course.  This disease did not leave me unmarred, inside.

But now I have the proof, after my “experimental year” with alternative medicine, that there are other options besides the drugs.


Now upward and onward!  To celebrate, I made a batch of my cinnamon rolls, and they should be getting out of the oven very soon.  Yum!

PS:  This post is for the physical side of what went on.  Stay tuned for a post regarding the spiritual side, and some of the thoughts and questions I have running through my brain for that area.

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