Christmas food

29 Dec

Well, this year I was able to have a bit more foods than last year, which was a very good thing!  Even though I made some yummy treats for everyone else, I kept myself away from them pretty well.  Yes, I did lick the spoon when I made cheesecake, possibly ate a titch of frosting and dough from sugar cookies, and ate a bite of ham made totally a non-SCD way.  Overall though, I did okay.  And my gut reacted pretty good with all of it as well, which is the best part of all!

So what did I eat?  I made a big batch of cauliflower mashed potatoes.  I ate those with just about everything!  Meatballs, roast, turkey, chicken, cheese….it all was delicious in those mashed ‘taters!  I also had apple crisp.  I made a big 9×13 pan of it.  I intended for more of it to be eaten by others, but a bunch ended up in my fridge for leftovers.  Heaven for me!  I ended up eating it, along with homemade SCD-legal whipped cream, for 2 days.  I loved it!  I didn’t see any increase in symptoms (always possible when you eat a lot of one thing), and I’m so thankful for that!

I had also made cinnamon rolls for myself, which was a great treat before Christmas.  Oh, and chocolate cake.  Yes, I made chocolate cake, and it was to die for (at least, to my new taste buds!).

I knew I would need some sweet “treats” during the holiday season to help me avoid the regular treats.  Not that I would eat much of them, but I just didn’t want the temptation, so made stuff I could gorge on and not be in trouble.  🙂

Overall, it was a great holiday season for food for me.  Family and friends was also great…..I’ll maybe post on that later.  🙂

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