BF, Day 2

04 Jan

This morning I had the chance to discuss “honor” with my 8 year-old girl at breakfast.  It was a sweet time, and I think I learned as much as she did!  I wanted to involve her in this 21 day fast, and what I’m doing.  Since this week is on honor, and her brother was still asleep (sick in bed), I thought this was the perfect opportunity to teach something valuable.

We talked about what it means to be “common.”  That if something is common, it’s “just ordinary.”  Nothing special, it just….is what it is.

Yet with honor, the desire is to treat people as “uncommon.”  If common is just ordinary then uncommon means something is special, unique, to be treasured, and should be treated as such.

For an example, she and I revisited the movie “Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” which we just saw together on Sunday.  In this show the mouse, Repicheep, treats with honor Caspian, Lucy, and Edmund.  Repicheep realizes that these people are something special, and so everything he does for them and around them shows them honor.  From just the way he talks with them to the way he puts their needs above his own, he treats them with respect, dignity, and honor.  He treats them as uncommon, because, in his world, people like this ARE very uncommon and don’t come along very often.

To take this a step further, I used the example I was given about Michelangelo and how, in each unformed, ugly piece of rock or marble, he saw the beauty and greatness within.  So before he even began the painstaking process of forming the sculpture, he treated the raw material with honor.

Each person on this earth is like that unformed blob of hardness.  God has created within each and every one of us a beautiful person.  Sometimes it is difficult and hard to find that person underneath, but it’s worth it.  Like Eustace in the movie when Aslan helped him shed his ugly dragon skin.  It didn’t feel good, but when he was stripped bare of the uglies, he was exactly as God had created him to be.

We need to treat every person we meet with honor, because underneath there is something totally “uncommon” to be found.  There is beauty and greatness in each of us, because it was placed there by God himself.  To show honor to those around us is to recognize the King or Queen that God created within them.  Like Repicheep, we put their needs above our own, honoring them and God in the process.

As I mull this over after my daughter has gone to school, I realize the people around me that I’ve been treating as “common.”  Maybe they hurt me, or I just didn’t like the way they did something.  But, they are still a child of the Most High King, and should be treated as such.  My prayer was for God to fill my heart with understanding and honor towards them, and to help me see the greatness in those around me.

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