Breaking Free, Day 6

09 Jan

Today, we were tasked with telling those around us how we loved them.  Not just in simple words spoken all the time, but with heartfelt thoughts born of a truly grateful heart.

Today was also the day we celebrated the mother of a good friend of mine, and the life that she lived.  As I sat in the audience I could feel the impact that she had on all of these people, myself included.  She lived her life loving people to Jesus.  He was her rock and her hope, and even through all the dark times, he carried her through and she never let go.

Let me take a moment and speak to why my heart is quiet tonight, and connect all the dots.

This friend of mine I met in college, 17 years ago.  Together with another girlfriend, we did everything together.  We sang, we shared birthday’s, we loved the same things, and we were there for each other… matter what.  We lived in each others lives for 3 years, loving every minute of it.

When I graduated college, I walked away.  I was in a place that I couldn’t hang on to them any longer.  I ran.  I tried to run away from a lot of things, and some of them I succeeded in.  I ran from two of my most precious treasures, and stayed away for over 10 years.

Years later, I happen to find one of them on facebook.  When we finally meet again, it is as if no time had passed at all.

They still loved me.

This speaks so deep to my heart because…..well, because I don’t have that many friends I can say that about.  I’ve lost track of so many people, some of my own choosing, and some theirs.  I miss them all, of course.  But these two girls, they were something special.

And they still are.

I love them for who they are, and I love them for the plain fact that, whether I’m beautiful or ugly, they still love me.

Pure and simple love is a great thing.  Loving someone just for who they are, and not expecting anything in return, is beautiful.  It is something to cherish, and never let go of.

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Posted by on January 9, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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