Happy Birthday!

19 Jan

As another year passes I find myself contemplating the age that I am and the realization that I no longer am in the “young” crowd.  This has come to quite a shock to me, the person who was always mistaken for a student when teaching in my 20’s.  A person could always relate to the youth, even in my early 30’s.  But now, I look around a room of 12-graders at the local high school, and realize that I could be each and every one of these kids’ moms.  AFTER I graduated high school.

Now, I know I’m still young. 37 is really not that old.  But it seems that around 35 a person can go either way:  the young crowd or the old crowd.  They either hang onto their youth and try to dress and act the part of the 20-something, or they embrace their “wise” status and become a mentor to many.  At 36 I should have realized what was coming, but I think I was in denial.  Now, 37 has hit, and there’s just no getting around it.

I’m in the “older” crowd.

I’m still young at heart, and always will be.  But I no longer know the music kids listen to, or the slang they use, or the styles they wear and call “fashion.”  There are those glorious days when someone will walk into my classroom when I’m teaching and take a moment looking for the teacher and not realize it is me.  Those are the days I smile inside, knowing that at least on some days, I can still pass as a student.  🙂

37 has come, and 37 will go.  I guess the import thing is that, even as I get older and older, I hang onto who I know that I am, inside and out.  If I am secure it that, then it doesn’t really matter what it says on my driver’s license.  When a piece of paper asks for my age, I don’t need to cringe.

I know ME.  And I like ME, regardless of my age.


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Posted by on January 19, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


One response to “Happy Birthday!

  1. gordongiven

    January 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Been trying to hit the “like” button, but doesn’t seem to be working the way I expect.

    I’ve passed 37 awhile ago, but I can’t agree with you more about the outlook you’ve taken. Very well said!

    And Happy Birthday!


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