20 Jan

Well, I’m doing much better.  For clarification though, a “flare” for me is nothing compared with what other Crohnies go through.  A flare for most of them can be intense pain that disables and multiple upon multiple trips to the bathroom each day, often times accompanied with pain.  There can also be an increase in arthritis-type of pain and symptoms, just to add agony to your misery!

That’s not me, thank goodness!

The definition of a flare for me is usually an increase in right side pain, under the ribs.  This is where the Crohn’s was present and active Nov. 2009 but showed cleared up Nov. 2010.  There often is also present a tendency to get “stopped up.”  Sometimes there might be extra gas.  But that’s about it.  All in all, it’s very manageable.

So, in order to deal with this episode, I first made sure to eat my chicken soup at least once a day.  I also cooked all my veggies and fruit, and tried to stay away from nuts (but still did have some biscuits made from almond flour and some almond butter….couldn’t stay away!).  I tried to drink more water, but did not take my coffee intake down.

And after a few days, the pain has gone away.  I’m probably at the tail-end of it, so I still need to be gently for a couple more days.

BUT….it is my birthday today.  I will confess that I ate 6 almond flour drop biscuits because I could.  I hope I don’t pay for it later……..but this day only comes once a year!!!  🙂

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Posted by on January 20, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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