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This week has all gone to pots.  The kids had two snow days, which I think were barely justifiable.  An inch or two of snow does not make a snow day, in my book!  But, there are lots of kids that come from up in the hills, which got a lot more than here in town, so I guess I get it.  This time it just threw me for a loop, and my brain got all random on me so I couldn’t accomplish anything!!!  Anyway……

I’ve been very tired lately, and had a “blue” spell the other day.  I’ve been waiting for my paycheck to get some meds refilled, and again, I thought I’d be okay.  But I think the thyroid and adrenal gland issues are for real, and have a bigger effect on me than I realize when I am not on the meds for those.  Sigh……

It’s a small dose of Levoxyl, Cytomel, and DHEA, but I guess it’s enough to keep me going and keep everything level.  I skimped on the thyroid meds to make them last as long as they did, opting for every other day instead of every day for almost 2 weeks.  And I couldn’t refill the DHEA for the past 10 days, and I’m guessing that had something to do with it.  I don’t have any reason to be tired, so I’m guessing it’s the meds.  Rats!!!

Payday comes just right around the corner.  Horay!!!!

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“What kind of mom are you???”

Okay, before my friends get their talons up in my defense, let me say this:  the person who said this to me today was making a joke.  It was not said in an accusatory fashion, and I happen to know this is a VERY kind and caring person.

So what IS the context of this comment said to me today?

Well, we were talking about my son’s upcoming birthday party, and what kind of toys he likes.  I said that he does like a certain superhero, and this person asked what kinds of toys my son had that went along with this character.  Well, my son only has a few action figures, so that’s what I said.  This person looked at me in amazement that my son did not have THE toy that is absolutely essential to being this superhero.  Without this piece of equipment, this superhero does not exist.  Her boy has 3 different versions of this toy, it is that essential to the imaginary play that goes along with this character.  So, in jest, she looked at me and made this comment.  I laughed about it, because it was a light moment, and I just shrugged my shoulders and changed the direction of the conversation.

I guess why I’m blogging about it is to make people think.  Again, I like this person and no harm was meant by her comment.  But you never know what the circumstances are of someone’s life.  For my son, we have not had an extra $20 this past year to buy him this essential toy.  Birthday and Christmas presents were able to be bought only because of generous grandparents.

Am I sad that my son doesn’t have the latest and greatest toy?

Not in the least.

I love the way my daughter and son love to play with each other.  I am constantly amazed at how creative they can be with just the ordinary things around the house.

Do I wish I could buy them all these neat toys?

Yes.  What mom wouldn’t want to give everything to her kids?

But I’m okay knowing that, through these difficult financial times, I have continued to give my kids what matters most:

My heart and my love.

Ask them.  They know, without any doubt in their minds, that their mama loves them and would give them the world if she could.

And that, to me, is worth more than any plastic toy from China any day of the week.



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I’m not proud of the fact, but I did in fact throw a temper-tantrum last night.  It was after the kids went to bed, and I was trying to get the TV set up to watch a favorite show of mine (setting up the TV means getting the antennae set just right and hoping the signal stays strong!).  For the second night in a row, I couldn’t find the remote that would turn on the converter box which would allow me to pick up the channel.  The night before I was okay with it…I just read and went to bed early.  But this night?  I was pissed!

For me, watching a TV show after the kids go to bed is my “down” time.  It’s when I can shut the world off, and relax.  I have not found anything yet (after 8 months without cable) that truly lets my brain decompress after a busy day.  If my husband is home, talking with him is great.  But when he’s not, and I’ve been a single parent that day and possibly taught other people’s kids, a time to just veg out is a great way for me to unwind.

So last night, I couldn’t find the remote.  Again.  As I walked around the family room, I started in with God.  “Come on God.  I just want to watch my show!  Please help me find the remote!”  When that didn’t result in any remote being found, I stomped a bit harder.  “God, I’m just getting pissed.  Yes, I’m throwing a temper-tantrum!  But you know how this unwinds me!  COME ON!”  I sat on the couch, and pouted.  I contemplated throwing the flashlight in my hand into the couch as a show of my utter frustration.  I sulked.  I knew where the remote should have been, and was not.

I took one last deep breath, and looked once more where I thought the remote was.  Shining the flashlight towards the ground, I found it peeking out of a pumpkin basket, where my daughter must have placed it.  Deep sigh, and then, in a subdued and embarrassed voice………..

“Thanks God.”


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So what did I eat?

Not sure.  I posted a few days back about my stomach being upset, and not sure what caused it.  I did do some controlled experiments with the things that I had eaten that day.  I ate the pancakes and the bacon, and didn’t have any problems (thank goodness….I’m not sure what I would have done if bacon and almond flour and eggs were now causing me problems!!!).  I then ate some dates with pecans in them.  Again, no problems.  So…..there are two things that I think could have caused it:

1) I could have overdone the dates.  Even though 2 or 3 shouldn’t be a problem, eating 4 or 5 a day for 4 days in a row was probably too much.  I’ll just have to try and find some restraint when it comes to that.  🙂

2) It could just be this drat disease.  It’s very typical with Crohn’s to have an upset system, even though you didn’t eat anything at all that would have caused it.  It is just something to be aware of, and deal with when it happens.  Sigh….

Good news is that things seem to be doing well now.  I’ve eaten a lot of almond flour products this week (the cinnamon rolls I made only lasted 3 days!), and I’ve not had problems.  I hope it continues to do well, and that this one episode will not happen again anytime soon!


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Life w/o cable

Well, it’s been 8 months since we shut off the cable.  At first, I wasn’t sure what we would do with ourselves!  Now, my husband is going to interview with a company that could bring back our cable, as a benefit of working there, and I’m looking back over the last 8 months and what it brought to our lives.

We learned that reading together is a great activity.  I always have loved to read, but this forced us to find new books, and share them with each other.  It all started with “Treasure Island” on a blanket in the yard this past summer.  That is a memory I will cherish for a long time.  I love reading to my kids!

We’ve brought back game night.  And it doesn’t just have to happen on a certain night each week.  No, we are more inclined now to play board games on random nights with each other than just watch a cartoon.

We’ve also discovered the library!  Sounds funny, but I never knew the vast resources that we could tap into.  On those times where my kids DO need to sit and veg, we’ve found plenty of good cartoons and show to let them watch.  Also, our family has loved watching some of the old classics together, both cartoons and movies!  We especially like, my husband and I, watching the historical fiction and non-fiction with the kids.  We both love history, and watching a show like that with our kids enables us to tell them about those times in history, and hopefully instill in them a love for it as well.

My kids have learned to be creative in their play once again.  By not being stuck in front of the box, their imaginations have been given the freedom to run wild!  Sometimes they need direction, but more often than not I find the two of them conspiring for the next great adventure together, and then doing it!  Take for instance last night.  I was working on dinner, the chores and homework were done, and they decided to put together a pile of stuffed animals at the bottom of the stairs.  Then, they decided to add all the pillows and blankets for the hosue to the pile.  It ended up being 3 feet high, and they spent the next 45 minutes doing cannon-balls into the pile and having a great time!

I know that we don’t HAVE to switch on the cable box, even if they provide it for free.  We probably will though.  I’m okay with that.  I think these past 8 months have taught us a lot about each other, and what we can do each and every day to make the time we have special.  I love the freedom that this time without cable has given us.  Before, we just weren’t sure what to do with ourselves, and making the change on our own seemed impossible.  Being forced into the change was the best thing that happened.  Now, we know what to do when the box is shut off, and we know that we don’t HAVE to turn it on to entertain ourselves.  All in all, it’s been a great time without cable, and, if we get it back, I know the great times will only get better and better!

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What did I eat?

So I’m pondering that question this morning and last night.  I had some terrible rumblings and a titch of queasy stomach feeling yesterday.  This is not normal for me with Crohn’s, so I have to now evaluate what I could have eaten to set things off.  The problem is….everything I ate yesterday I thought was safe!

So, what did I eat?

  • I made almond flour pancakes.  I’ve had them a dozen times before and never had a problem.  I DID however use store-bought eggs, and not the eggs from my chickens.  Maybe that was a problem…..
  • Hempler’s uncured bacon.  Again, I’ve had this a dozen times before, and it has never caused a problem.  It is cured with sea salt, and I think that’s the only thing it’s cured with.  Shouldn’t be a problem….
  • 2 Majool dates with pecans in them.  I’ve started eating those a bit more lately, so I’m wondering if I’m overdoing it.  They have not caused problems the other days this week I ate them, but maybe I’m overloading my system with eating them too many days in a row.

The problem with Crohn’s is that something that was safe one week may not be safe the next.  You never really know what’s going on inside your gut, and what your system will react to.  Since I am treating this disease mostly with diet, when something doesn’t agree with me I need to turn into a detective to figure out what it was.  So, I go back through what I ate, and then do controlled experiments.  I still have some of the pancakes, so I’m going to start there.  For breakfast I’m going to cook up two of MY chicken eggs and have them on top of two pancakes.  That’s it.  If my system is now somehow not tolerating the almond flour (that would be my first guess, if it is the pancakes), then I’ll know pretty soon.  If I do okay with those, later today or tomorrow I’ll try the bacon and see what happens.  And if that does nothing, in a day or so I’ll try the dates again.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out what set my system off this time.

On a side note though….I had my chicken soup for dinner last night.  Boy, I still love that stuff!!!  It seemed to calm my system down a bit, and so I’m so glad I keep it in stock, in the freezer.  🙂

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Okay, this time it’s pretty much just to check my thyroid levels.  We are still at the beginning phases of treating that, so we check my blood every 3 months-ish to see if things need to be reworked.  But, I did ask them to check my SED and CRP.  The reason being:  in Nov. the colonoscopy and corresponding blookwork showed no inflammation and normal levels.  Life has been a bit stressful lately, and I’ve been wondering if stress can possibly cause an increase in inflammation.  If so, the SED and CRP might be up right now.  Maybe not, but it will be interesting to check it out and see!  Not much to do about the stress levels, so I just need to keep on plugging along, doing the best I can!

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