What did I eat?

06 Feb

So I’m pondering that question this morning and last night.  I had some terrible rumblings and a titch of queasy stomach feeling yesterday.  This is not normal for me with Crohn’s, so I have to now evaluate what I could have eaten to set things off.  The problem is….everything I ate yesterday I thought was safe!

So, what did I eat?

  • I made almond flour pancakes.  I’ve had them a dozen times before and never had a problem.  I DID however use store-bought eggs, and not the eggs from my chickens.  Maybe that was a problem…..
  • Hempler’s uncured bacon.  Again, I’ve had this a dozen times before, and it has never caused a problem.  It is cured with sea salt, and I think that’s the only thing it’s cured with.  Shouldn’t be a problem….
  • 2 Majool dates with pecans in them.  I’ve started eating those a bit more lately, so I’m wondering if I’m overdoing it.  They have not caused problems the other days this week I ate them, but maybe I’m overloading my system with eating them too many days in a row.

The problem with Crohn’s is that something that was safe one week may not be safe the next.  You never really know what’s going on inside your gut, and what your system will react to.  Since I am treating this disease mostly with diet, when something doesn’t agree with me I need to turn into a detective to figure out what it was.  So, I go back through what I ate, and then do controlled experiments.  I still have some of the pancakes, so I’m going to start there.  For breakfast I’m going to cook up two of MY chicken eggs and have them on top of two pancakes.  That’s it.  If my system is now somehow not tolerating the almond flour (that would be my first guess, if it is the pancakes), then I’ll know pretty soon.  If I do okay with those, later today or tomorrow I’ll try the bacon and see what happens.  And if that does nothing, in a day or so I’ll try the dates again.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out what set my system off this time.

On a side note though….I had my chicken soup for dinner last night.  Boy, I still love that stuff!!!  It seemed to calm my system down a bit, and so I’m so glad I keep it in stock, in the freezer.  🙂

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