Life w/o cable

08 Feb

Well, it’s been 8 months since we shut off the cable.  At first, I wasn’t sure what we would do with ourselves!  Now, my husband is going to interview with a company that could bring back our cable, as a benefit of working there, and I’m looking back over the last 8 months and what it brought to our lives.

We learned that reading together is a great activity.  I always have loved to read, but this forced us to find new books, and share them with each other.  It all started with “Treasure Island” on a blanket in the yard this past summer.  That is a memory I will cherish for a long time.  I love reading to my kids!

We’ve brought back game night.  And it doesn’t just have to happen on a certain night each week.  No, we are more inclined now to play board games on random nights with each other than just watch a cartoon.

We’ve also discovered the library!  Sounds funny, but I never knew the vast resources that we could tap into.  On those times where my kids DO need to sit and veg, we’ve found plenty of good cartoons and show to let them watch.  Also, our family has loved watching some of the old classics together, both cartoons and movies!  We especially like, my husband and I, watching the historical fiction and non-fiction with the kids.  We both love history, and watching a show like that with our kids enables us to tell them about those times in history, and hopefully instill in them a love for it as well.

My kids have learned to be creative in their play once again.  By not being stuck in front of the box, their imaginations have been given the freedom to run wild!  Sometimes they need direction, but more often than not I find the two of them conspiring for the next great adventure together, and then doing it!  Take for instance last night.  I was working on dinner, the chores and homework were done, and they decided to put together a pile of stuffed animals at the bottom of the stairs.  Then, they decided to add all the pillows and blankets for the hosue to the pile.  It ended up being 3 feet high, and they spent the next 45 minutes doing cannon-balls into the pile and having a great time!

I know that we don’t HAVE to switch on the cable box, even if they provide it for free.  We probably will though.  I’m okay with that.  I think these past 8 months have taught us a lot about each other, and what we can do each and every day to make the time we have special.  I love the freedom that this time without cable has given us.  Before, we just weren’t sure what to do with ourselves, and making the change on our own seemed impossible.  Being forced into the change was the best thing that happened.  Now, we know what to do when the box is shut off, and we know that we don’t HAVE to turn it on to entertain ourselves.  All in all, it’s been a great time without cable, and, if we get it back, I know the great times will only get better and better!

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