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Sick, update

Well, this has turned into a nasty bugger!  I’m really wondering now if this whole Crohn’s thing has messed with my body’s ability to fight off a simple cold.  In the past, IF I even got sick (literally, I would get a sniffle every couple of years, and that would be it), it would last a day, 3 at the most.  This is the worst cold I’ve had in I don’t know how long.  I guess I take comfort in the fact that most colds last 7-10 days, and I’m on day 6.  SO…..hopefully I’ll see the end of the tunnel soon!

Thankfully I’ve not felt an increase in Crohn’s symptoms.  It really has been just the cough, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. but with no fever.  I shake my head at such a simple cold, and how my body was able to fight it in the past.  I’m thankful though that so far it has not made the digestive problems any worse.

Today I went to church, even though the rest of the world would have told me to stay home and rest.  Why did I go?  Because I refuse to let something like this stand in the way of my worship with a community of believers.  I am a FIRM believer in putting the positive in your life, and I knew that getting a good dose of “God” today at my church was what my spirit needed.  For me, to stay home would have been to admit defeat, and could have opened a door for negative thoughts and feelings.  So, I pulled on my boots, grabbed my tissues and water, and off I went!  Though I couldn’t sing the songs the way I normally would, the worship time was still sweet.  Sometimes when you are a singer, the most powerful worship is when you are silent and communicate straight from your heart.  It was a sweet time today.

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Laura, 3 (mother/daughter tea)

Last night Laura and I hosted a table at our church for the Mother/Daughter Tea.  It was a wonderful time that I got to share with my lovely daughter, and we had a blast.  What caught me though was as we were walking to the car, and she said, “Mom, when we get in the car I want to go over some things from tonight.  Some blessings I saw that God gave us.”  This was a wonderful change because it’s usually me wrapping things up and taking the initiative to point out the God-points of the night.

The first thing Laura mentioned as soon as we got in the car was the simple blessing that God gave us in the two ladies who held the door for us as we were going out to the car.  We both had our hands full, and it truly was a blessing to not have to worry about dropping either the flowers or the box filled with my wedding china!  I loved it that Laura saw such a simple thing as God pouring his love into our lives, and taking care of even the smallest of things.

The other thing she brought up is what really got me though, because SHE initiated it.  For our table I had put little cards on the plates that said on the front, “You are….” and on the back we put one word or phrase, like “Beautiful” or “Cherished” or other heart things like that.  I had a few extra at the beginning of the event, so I gave two to Laura and told her, “I want you to go find someone who needs to hear this tonight.  I want you to pray about it, and ask God if that’s who is supposed to have those words.”  Well, knowing Laura, she just jumped right on that, and off she went!

At the end of the event I had a few more extras, and so I gave a handful to Laura and sent her off again.  What she told me in the car was this:

“Mom, I had these cards and I just walked around asking God, ‘Is this who I’m supposed to give this one to?’  And I heard him in my heart say, ‘Yes, give her this one.’  Like with the one that said ‘Beautiful.’  There was someone who was old and wrinkled, and on the outside didn’t seem beautiful.  But God told me that on the inside, she WAS beautiful!  So I gave her that one, and she smiled!  I KNOW she needed to hear that tonight.  And then there was this one and I asked God if I should give her the card, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, so I started to walk away.  But then, I just felt drawn to her, and it was like a magnet, and I couldn’t go anywhere BUT to give the card to her.  I HAD to give her that card.  And each time Mom I gave someone a card, they smiled.  Even people who didn’t smile through the whole event, smiled when they got the card!  It was so awesome.  And I feel just so light in my heart, and at peace.”

I have always told Laura that God has given her something special, and that she touches people’s hearts in a special way.  It doesn’t have to be big, but you just have to be open to listen.  And last night, I loved it so much that she was listening to God, and heard his quiet guidance in her heart.  With almost 200 ladies and girls there last night, it would have been an impossible task to determine who needed a simple word at that moment.  But with God’s voice speaking softly in her heart and the Holy Spirit guiding her, Laura touched lives that needed a touch from God.

As we were driving home, I reaffirmed that for her.  I brought it back to the fact that a simple thing is all that’s needed sometimes to show people the love that God has for them.  And I challenged her.  I said, “Maybe your job is to each Sunday when we go to church you write 4 or 5 notes, and walk around and find the people who need those notes that day.”  She then said, “Or mom, I can just walk up and tell them!!!”  Gotta love that girl!  I want to continue to guide her and encourage her in this.  Laura has something inside of her, and God is using that.  She might only be 8, but Laura is changing lives already.  I can’t wait to see where God takes it next…… 🙂

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Well, this is the first time since my diagnosis that I’ve been sick.  I’ve always had a strong immune system, rarely coming down with anything that the kids would bring home.  For the last 18 months my system has fought back, and won.  Now, I think it became overwhelmed, and gave in.  Nothing too bad….just sore throat, some aches, headache, and cough.  Still, I’m wondering, on day 2 of the cold, how my “compromised” immune system will react, and how I will deal with it without using any of the tools I used to use (I’m sure NyQuil is out of the question for me!!!).

So what am I doing to combat it?  A few things:

I made chicken soup on Sunday, so I’ll be eating a lot of that.  TONS of good stuff there!

Lots and lots and lots of water.

I’ve started to take Echinacea with Goldenseal, and have bumped up my Vitamin D3.

Oranges, or orange juice, when I can handle it.

I’m gargling with warm sea-salt water, and snorting it up my nose.  Sounds gross, but it works to loosen everything up and basically massages the tender parts of my throat.

Tea with honey.

And lots of rest.

I have a job for the next two days teaching band at one of the high schools, and I really need to be able to follow through on this job.  So, I’m resting today and not worrying about a whole lot other than me and what I need.  I figure I can go to work sick, if I need to, and just gut it out.  I’m not generally this much of a wimp with being sick, but I was really tired to begin with, so I think that’s just been a double-whammy.

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One of the drawbacks of such a limited diet is that if there is no food prepared that my stomach can handle, I simply don’t eat.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to eat, it’s just that sometimes there is practically nothing that I CAN eat.  That’s where I’ve been the last week or so, and especially this last weekend.  I was very busy, there was no food ready, and so I ate what I could when I could, but it was never enough.

Today, I finally had some time to cook for myself.  I made a half-batch of almond-flour pancakes and cooked up some Hempler’s uncured bacon.  Once those were done, I fried up an egg, added some cheese, and made a breakfast sandwich.  Oh, it was sooooooooooo good!  All the wonderful flavors of sweet and salty and the textures of crunchy and creamy together were just amazing!

The only problem came when just one sandwich did not fill me up.  Since I had no eaten much the last 3 days, my stomach was past empty.  So, I made another sandwich.

And I finished it.

Along with a cup of coffee.

And a 12 ounce cup of orange juice.

Now, my belly is stuffed, but it feels so wonderful!  I have not been this full, and satisfied, in about a week.


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WFD: Pecan-crusted Salmon Patties

Salmon is a staple at our house, and often when we have leftovers I form them into salmon patties to serve for dinner the next day.  Last night was one of those nights, but I was missing the almond flour to use as a binder in the salmon patties, so had to think outside the box (I cannot use normal breadcrumbs or crackers!).  I wanted a nice crisp coating to the patties, so I made the mixture a bit wet, and used finely ground pecans as an outside coating to keep everything together.  Then, I baked them in the oven instead of fried them in olive oil, and served them with homemade Alfredo sauce.  Whole-wheat spiral noodles with Alfredo sauce, fresh grapefruit, and a salad finished off the meal.  Voila!!!  A dinner that the whole family loved!

So here’s what I did:

Pecan-crusted Salmon Patties

“Salmon Patties” is really a dish where you can toss in a ton of different things, and they usually turn out great.  I don’t usually measure for these, so my quantities are best guess.  🙂  I used my Ninja to finely chop most of the ingredients.

  • For last nights patties, I had some Parmesan cheese and Tillamonk White Cheddar (about 1/8 cup each) that I started with (I just throw the chunk of cheese in the Ninja and it turns out great!)
  • Then I added some leftover quick crackers (less than 1/8 cup ground up)
  • I wanted to sneak in some veggies so I took two stalks of limp celery (a good use of something that is soon to be thrown out!), and hand-chopped them fine
  • 2 eggs and some salt and pepper came next
  • Last came the salmon, which I put in the Ninja until it was crumbled fine, and then mixed everything by hand in a bowl
  • I took about a cup of pecans and ground them up fine.  Then, I formed palm-sized patties (they wanted to fall apart because of the lack of a binder, so be careful) and pressed them into the ground pecans on both sides

Place the salmon patties on a baking sheet in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.  The bottom of the patties got nice and crisp, but I wanted a crisp on the top as well.  So, I turned the oven to high-broil for a few minutes.  That’s it!

Alfredo sauce

This is a great replica of Alfredo sauce, and my entire family loved it last night!  I served it over the salmon patties, and for the kiddos poured some over whole-wheat noodles.  They thought it was great!

  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup dripped yogurt or yogurt cheese
  • 3/4 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese

Melt the butter in a heavy saucepan.  Add the yogurt one dollop at a time, whisking each one until smooth.  Keep the heat up and add the parmesan cheese.  Cook over meduim-high heat, stirring often, until it’s time to serve.  Generally I make this about 10 minutes before I want to serve dinner.  If you let it sit for too long, it might separate.


A cookie……

I’m evaluating something I did tonight.  We were at a meeting with a group of friends, and there were cookies there.  You know those wonderful Lofthouse cookies that are so light and fluffy?  Yep, those are the ones.  There was also pie there.  Well, I had no trouble at all saying no, until the end, and this has me puzzled.  For 18 months I have stayed true, maybe having a 1/4 teaspoon of something here or there, but never having more than a bit of something sweet.  I can actually count on my fingers the times I have cheated with sweets over this time.

Well, my son needed another 1/2 a cookie in order to make it fair.  I didn’t want to just toss the cookie, so I wrapped it up in a napkin to take it home.  We were in the car just a moment when I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have just one small bite.  And that first bite was amazing!  All the creamy, fluffy, sweet goodness that I have missed all these months!

But then I couldn’t resist, and ate another bite, and another, and another, until the half a cookie was gone.

It shouldn’t be a problem….at least, I hope not.  That’s more sugar than my body has had in 18 months total, all in one minute of indulgence.  And sugar is one of the main trouble spots with how I am treating this Crohn’s.  So, I’m hoping and praying that there are not consequences to my decision.

I’m also just puzzled why I would do that.  When I finished the cookie, I just sat thinking about it.  I didn’t need to eat the other bites.  I’m not down on myself, just wondering…..why?  I don’t feel like a failure, and I don’t feel like this will ruin my diet from here on out.

I guess maybe I’m a bit disappointed in myself though.

And honestly, now I’m not liking the taste of the cookie.  That first bite was fine, but afterwords…..I just have this fake chemical after-taste in my mouth.

Maybe that’s a good thing.  It will likely keep me from going and further.  🙂

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Too much work?

Nah….not really!  I had a full week of subbing for an English teacher this week, which was great.  In terms of the Crohn’s, it could have been better though.

I had to pull deep in my energy reserves to make it through the full week.  Even on my thyroid meds and everything being fine there, it was still exhausting for me.  I’m wondering if the low adrenals are still an issue?  I haven’t been able to take the DHEA for about the last 3 weeks (waiting for money, again), and I think that’s one of the meds that helps with the tiredness.  I got through the week, managed to feed my family dinner each night, and mostly keep up on laundry and dishes.  Oh, and throw in a Science Fair to boot, and that was my week.  Thankfully I have a pretty strong determination in me, and that helped pull me through.  🙂

For food I was soooooooo glad that I had leftovers to take!  I’m not sure what I would have done without having the leftovers to just grab and go.  I don’t usually have leftovers that I can eat, but had managed to squirrel away some in the freezer that I was able to take.  I also relied upon fresh fruit.  I know my body now, and know that I need to keep fuel in it every few hours, so being able to have a banana or an orange as snacks was great.  Thankfully, this week the citrus in the oranges and the starch in the bananas were just fine for my system.  I have had it recently where my system had trouble when I ate too much fresh fruit.  It would have been a pain to have to cook soft the fruits that I was going to take.  😦

Everything else went pretty well.  Bathroom breaks were not really an option because of this teacher’s schedule, and so I am again soooooo glad that the Crohn’s was behaving!  The afternoons I had three classes in a row, which meant around 3 hours without a bathroom break, unless I wanted to lock the door and walk to the other end of the building!  🙂

I guess, reading how this disease affects other people, I’m just thankful that I can function at the level that I do.

Now it’s Saturday, and I’m planning a day of rest and cleaning.  My house did get a bit cluttered this past week!

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