Thyroid results

06 Mar

Well, a few things from my latest blood test.  This time we only tested my thyroid and CRP levels as everything else seems to be doing well.  We really didn’t need to check my CRP (which is a test that can tell if there is inflammation going on somewhere in the body), but I wanted to because I had just gone through a very high-stress week, and wanted to know if stress can elevate that level and possibly cause an increase in Crohn’s inflammation (though this test is non-specific, meaning it doesn’t tell you WHERE the inflammation is going on).   Another quick note on what the CRP test is/does:

“Normally there is no CRP in blood serum. From Lab Tests Online, “a high or increasing amount of CRP in your blood suggests that you have an acute infection or inflammation. Although a result above 1 mg/dL is usually considered high for CRP, most infections and inflammations result in CRP levels above 10 mg/dL“.

Well, when I was first diagnosed, I think my CRP level was in the 20’s somewhere, which was a definite indicator of SOME inflammation going on somewhere in my body.  Over the course of the last 14 months is has continued to come down from that high.  The previous test the level was at .22, and it dropped even further to at this test to .11. Hooray!!!  It seems that my body is able to handle stress better than I thought.  🙂

The thyroid we need to keep testing every 3 months because we are still trying to figure out where my thyroid is and where we need to land on it.  This time, it was just a titch low (the T3 test, I think).  The doc didn’t want to up it for me just yet, but wants to watch it.  When the test was done I was on full dosage and felt great.  But…..I will say that these past two weeks I had to spread out my remaining pills and then wait for payday to refill it, so I’ve been without for a short time.  During this time I have been more tired, so that’s probably a good indicator that I need to keep on them.

Overall though more good news!  I love the way we are keeping tabs on my body and what’s going on.  I think that’s a huge factor in keeping me healthy!!!


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