Too much work?

12 Mar

Nah….not really!  I had a full week of subbing for an English teacher this week, which was great.  In terms of the Crohn’s, it could have been better though.

I had to pull deep in my energy reserves to make it through the full week.  Even on my thyroid meds and everything being fine there, it was still exhausting for me.  I’m wondering if the low adrenals are still an issue?  I haven’t been able to take the DHEA for about the last 3 weeks (waiting for money, again), and I think that’s one of the meds that helps with the tiredness.  I got through the week, managed to feed my family dinner each night, and mostly keep up on laundry and dishes.  Oh, and throw in a Science Fair to boot, and that was my week.  Thankfully I have a pretty strong determination in me, and that helped pull me through.  🙂

For food I was soooooooo glad that I had leftovers to take!  I’m not sure what I would have done without having the leftovers to just grab and go.  I don’t usually have leftovers that I can eat, but had managed to squirrel away some in the freezer that I was able to take.  I also relied upon fresh fruit.  I know my body now, and know that I need to keep fuel in it every few hours, so being able to have a banana or an orange as snacks was great.  Thankfully, this week the citrus in the oranges and the starch in the bananas were just fine for my system.  I have had it recently where my system had trouble when I ate too much fresh fruit.  It would have been a pain to have to cook soft the fruits that I was going to take.  😦

Everything else went pretty well.  Bathroom breaks were not really an option because of this teacher’s schedule, and so I am again soooooo glad that the Crohn’s was behaving!  The afternoons I had three classes in a row, which meant around 3 hours without a bathroom break, unless I wanted to lock the door and walk to the other end of the building!  🙂

I guess, reading how this disease affects other people, I’m just thankful that I can function at the level that I do.

Now it’s Saturday, and I’m planning a day of rest and cleaning.  My house did get a bit cluttered this past week!

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