22 Mar

Well, this is the first time since my diagnosis that I’ve been sick.  I’ve always had a strong immune system, rarely coming down with anything that the kids would bring home.  For the last 18 months my system has fought back, and won.  Now, I think it became overwhelmed, and gave in.  Nothing too bad….just sore throat, some aches, headache, and cough.  Still, I’m wondering, on day 2 of the cold, how my “compromised” immune system will react, and how I will deal with it without using any of the tools I used to use (I’m sure NyQuil is out of the question for me!!!).

So what am I doing to combat it?  A few things:

I made chicken soup on Sunday, so I’ll be eating a lot of that.  TONS of good stuff there!

Lots and lots and lots of water.

I’ve started to take Echinacea with Goldenseal, and have bumped up my Vitamin D3.

Oranges, or orange juice, when I can handle it.

I’m gargling with warm sea-salt water, and snorting it up my nose.  Sounds gross, but it works to loosen everything up and basically massages the tender parts of my throat.

Tea with honey.

And lots of rest.

I have a job for the next two days teaching band at one of the high schools, and I really need to be able to follow through on this job.  So, I’m resting today and not worrying about a whole lot other than me and what I need.  I figure I can go to work sick, if I need to, and just gut it out.  I’m not generally this much of a wimp with being sick, but I was really tired to begin with, so I think that’s just been a double-whammy.

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