Laura, 3 (mother/daughter tea)

26 Mar

Last night Laura and I hosted a table at our church for the Mother/Daughter Tea.  It was a wonderful time that I got to share with my lovely daughter, and we had a blast.  What caught me though was as we were walking to the car, and she said, “Mom, when we get in the car I want to go over some things from tonight.  Some blessings I saw that God gave us.”  This was a wonderful change because it’s usually me wrapping things up and taking the initiative to point out the God-points of the night.

The first thing Laura mentioned as soon as we got in the car was the simple blessing that God gave us in the two ladies who held the door for us as we were going out to the car.  We both had our hands full, and it truly was a blessing to not have to worry about dropping either the flowers or the box filled with my wedding china!  I loved it that Laura saw such a simple thing as God pouring his love into our lives, and taking care of even the smallest of things.

The other thing she brought up is what really got me though, because SHE initiated it.  For our table I had put little cards on the plates that said on the front, “You are….” and on the back we put one word or phrase, like “Beautiful” or “Cherished” or other heart things like that.  I had a few extra at the beginning of the event, so I gave two to Laura and told her, “I want you to go find someone who needs to hear this tonight.  I want you to pray about it, and ask God if that’s who is supposed to have those words.”  Well, knowing Laura, she just jumped right on that, and off she went!

At the end of the event I had a few more extras, and so I gave a handful to Laura and sent her off again.  What she told me in the car was this:

“Mom, I had these cards and I just walked around asking God, ‘Is this who I’m supposed to give this one to?’  And I heard him in my heart say, ‘Yes, give her this one.’  Like with the one that said ‘Beautiful.’  There was someone who was old and wrinkled, and on the outside didn’t seem beautiful.  But God told me that on the inside, she WAS beautiful!  So I gave her that one, and she smiled!  I KNOW she needed to hear that tonight.  And then there was this one and I asked God if I should give her the card, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, so I started to walk away.  But then, I just felt drawn to her, and it was like a magnet, and I couldn’t go anywhere BUT to give the card to her.  I HAD to give her that card.  And each time Mom I gave someone a card, they smiled.  Even people who didn’t smile through the whole event, smiled when they got the card!  It was so awesome.  And I feel just so light in my heart, and at peace.”

I have always told Laura that God has given her something special, and that she touches people’s hearts in a special way.  It doesn’t have to be big, but you just have to be open to listen.  And last night, I loved it so much that she was listening to God, and heard his quiet guidance in her heart.  With almost 200 ladies and girls there last night, it would have been an impossible task to determine who needed a simple word at that moment.  But with God’s voice speaking softly in her heart and the Holy Spirit guiding her, Laura touched lives that needed a touch from God.

As we were driving home, I reaffirmed that for her.  I brought it back to the fact that a simple thing is all that’s needed sometimes to show people the love that God has for them.  And I challenged her.  I said, “Maybe your job is to each Sunday when we go to church you write 4 or 5 notes, and walk around and find the people who need those notes that day.”  She then said, “Or mom, I can just walk up and tell them!!!”  Gotta love that girl!  I want to continue to guide her and encourage her in this.  Laura has something inside of her, and God is using that.  She might only be 8, but Laura is changing lives already.  I can’t wait to see where God takes it next…… 🙂

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