17 Apr

In our society it seems that the word “No” has a bad connotation.  Maybe it’s because we equate it with how we parent our kids and our dogs.  We throw the word around whenever they do something we don’t like, or ask for something we don’t want them to have.  It can be a challenge to be a “Yes” parent, because the “No” is so much easier to say.

I’m teaching something different to my kids.  It still means the same thing when I’m parenting.  I still use it when they ask for something I don’t want them to have or do.  But right now Laura and I are in the process of seeking donations for a Silent Auction.  I could get all twisted up whenever I walk into a new business asking for these donations and worried that they’ll tell me no.  But, I’m teaching Laura that the word “No” is okay.  Here’s where I’m coming from on this:

If our hope is in these people, and if we have our heart set in what THEY can do, their No might crush us.  It might make us depressed that we didn’t get a donation.  We could start to spiral thinking that we are not getting what we need from these people in order to go on our trip.

But if our hope is in what GOD provides for us, a No from someone is simply that.  It’s a NO from a person, but it’s not a NO from our God.  The human being the No came from cannot dictate our lives.  Their words cannot control us if we don’t let them.  Their No is simply……a word.

Before we go out looking for donations, Laura and I pray.  Our prayer is always that God’s will be done, that his grace will shine down on us, and that HE will provide all that we need.

Armed with this knowledge, we know that if a business says No, it does not mean that God has said No.  We know that he will take care of us.  We know that he loves us and wishes to shower us with his blessings.  He knows our needs, and will be faithful to provide.

Why should we be scared of this word?  Why should it govern how some of us interact with people, and what we share or ask for?

In His word it says “Ask and it will be given to you.  Seek and you will find.”

If we never ask, if we never seek…….what will we get?

Don’t be afraid of No.  I’m trying to be more a mom of “Yes” than a mom of “No.”  And if I know anything about our God, it’s that He is a God of “Yes.”  His yes is one of love for his children, and his desire to shower us with his protection, his grace, and his provision for our lives.

And if he does say No?  You can bet that there is a pretty good reason behind it!

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Posted by on April 17, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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