Brain, brain, go away….

25 Apr

What does my brain look like as I’m lying in bed and can’t sleep?  Well, here are some snapshots:

“My feet are hot.”

“Did Pugsly go outside before bed?”

“May 13th…it’s coming…..”

“Did you tell everyone you were expecting?”

“Shoot!  May 14th is coming and I still have a ton to do!!!”

“Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.”

“Oh where, is my hairbrush?”

“That book is really good.”

“I need to send in that ticket tomorrow.”

“Printer ink.”

“Ugh, my house is a mess!”

“I don’t really like bubble gum.”

“Gotta get chicken feed tomorrow.”

“Man, I must sleep SOON!”

“He’s snoring again…..”

And on, and on it goes.  If you’ve seen the movie UP, it’s like an endless cycle of “SQUIRREL!!!”  There are times where I just can’t shut my brain off, and it endlessly moves from one topic to another for a couple of hours.  I’ve trained myself how to shut my brain down….I know the techniques, so it’s not often that this happens.  But when it does, there simply is nothing I can do to shut it off so I might as well get up.  Maybe it’s running full-speed ahead right now because I have so much going on.  I’m thinking that if I take some time right now to get my week, with ALL it’s details, laid out then my brain might have a chance at rest.  I don’t usually stretch myself this thin, but things just added up.  I’ll get through the next 3 weeks, of that I’m sure.  I just hope I don’t need a straight-jacket when it’s all said and done!!!  🙂

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Posted by on April 25, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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