Overdoing it?

06 May

Sometimes I wonder if I over-do it in terms of certain foods.  I always ate pretty healthy, before Crohn’s, but had a problem with any sort of baked goods and some candies.  I just didn’t have much of a shut-off valve for those!  Since Crohn’s, I’ve noticed I still have a problem, only this time it can have more consequences than just gaining a few pounds!  Because I know my weakness, I don’t make things that are too tempting, too often.  I know that I will likely over-do it, and so I just don’t do that to myself!

Well, at least not too often.

Okay, I’ve done it twice this week.  🙂

I made banana bread earlier in the week.  I still have a few pieces left.  I think that first day though I probably ate 4 good sized slices.  Ooops!!!  Thankfully it didn’t really do much to my system.

Then there’s today.  I wanted some of my Almond Crisp dessert, which I have not made in a while.  Again, I don’t make it very often because once it’s made, I just can’t turn away from it!  It ONLY has a cup of almonds in it.

And……1/2 cup of honey.

And……1/4 cup of butter.

That’s all.  Really!

It was gone within 4 hours.  The whole batch.  I don’t know if I’ll have to deal with my system later on, but….it was really good!  I took some SF 734 to calm down any gas that might occur, which happens with this dessert if I eat the whole thing.  Go figure…..

At least it’s not like when I make cinnamon rolls.  Those have 4 cups of almond flour, I think 3/4 cup of butter, and about 3/4 cup honey, in addition to 3 eggs.

Those last a little longer than the Almond Crisp.

I try to make them last at least 3 days.  🙂

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