Thyroid gone wild!

14 May

Well, now we know.  I haven’t lost all my coping skills….it was just mostly that darn thyroid!

We test my thyroid every 3 months because we are still trying to get it at just the right level. For about a year it’s shown up as being low, so I’ve been taking Cytomel and Levoxyl to correct that.  I’ve been on the lowest dose possible with both of those.

Turns out with these latest tests, my thyroid now is going gangbusters!  The T3 is just fine, but the T4 test came back high.  So, off we go to correct that.

Just out of curiosity I asked the doc what the symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be.

Get a load of this list:  increased anxiety, racing heartbeat, nervousness, hyper-adrenalism.  I’m sure trouble sleeping is in there as well.

So……..these past couple of weeks that I haven’t slept well?  My nervousness over things that normally don’t faze me (yes, doing this show today would normally not faze me this much and cause this much anxiety!)?  The times where my heart just starts to pound for no good reason?

Yep, it’s the thyroid.

I’m somewhat relieved.  This past week I was wondering what on earth had gotten into me!  I normally can shut my brain off and put all the details where they need to go so it doesn’t bug me.  But this last week it’s gotten to me a lot.  Now I know that I haven’t gone off the deep end.

It’s just mostly the thyroid.

Now will my heart stop racing…..please??????


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