Not going right…..

22 May

Okay, it’s time to admit that it’s not going right at this time.  I think the busyness and the stress of the past 2 weeks is catching up to my gut.  The doc the last time said I need to be careful, since I apparently am one that internalizes things and takes it “to the gut,” which means if there is a lot going on in life it can cause issues with the Crohn’s.  I’ve been trying to pull back on foods that might exacerbate the pain or discomfort.  But….I probably need to be even more diligent.

Basically, there’s just been a dull ache in the right side again, for about a week or so.  I’ve had some increase in gas cramps first thing in the morning, though it’s only been a couple of times.  Everything else seems to be okay, but it’s just the ache/pain in my side I don’t like.  Right now it’s a constant, but I’m hoping it goes away soon.

So….evaluation time.  Is there anything that I’ve eaten that might cause it or might have started it, besides stress?

Hmmm…..maybe too many nut products.  Again.  Madjool dates and pecans are treats for me that I eat often, and it’s also something I can take with me when I teach that gives a quick boost when I need it.  I might need to pull back on those.

It could have started with an unknown Pico de Gallo I bought and was eating every day.  I THOUGT it would be okay, since it looked like it just had natural things and came from Central Market.  But…..maybe it had something added in it that I didn’t know about.  I’m going to try and make my own, since I’m really liking that in my eggs in the morning!

Other than that, I’ve been really good.  I don’t cheat hardly at all, and if I do it might be one bite of something every once in a while.  Like last night at Bunco.  I had 3 small shrimp.  I know they had seasoning on them I can’t have, but I tried them anyway.  And I had some chicken that looked like it was baked naturally, but who knows?  When I’m really hungry, that’s when it gets hard.  When my body is crashing and I need something in it NOW, it’s hard to find something that will work.

But to those Crohnies that are following the SCD, please hear that I’m still 99% compliant.  I don’t mess with the diet and my food much at all.  I eat pretty plain, in fact.

I guess I just need to pull things way back, which means eating my Chicken soup a lot more and making sure everything I eat is legal and well cooked.

I need to get things back in order before my trip in July, and sometimes it can take some time to get the gut back to where it needs to be.

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