The Whisper Journal

27 May

It’s no secret that my daughter is very independent.  And it’s no secret of where that trait comes from!  I love what it will do for her later in life, but right now, it makes for some very difficult times.  Her and I have been having some trouble lately communicating, and so yesterday I bought a journal for us to use.  I’m calling it The Whisper Journal.  It’s just for her and I, when our verbal words are getting in the way of us being successful at communicating.  Sometimes, when you try to speak your heart to someone, our words get in the way and things get misspoken or misunderstood.  This journal is a safe place for our thoughts and emotions.  What is written in the journal doesn’t necessarily need to be spoken about, but it is simply a way for each of us to tell what is on our heart.

So I started the journal with a page of just telling her how much I love her.  Period.  No strings attached.  I explained the journal to her, and left it with her as she went to bed.

Well…..I guess it’s working!!!

She wrote in the journal, and was so deeply touched by it and my words that she couldn’t sleep.  Finally, after about 30 minutes of trying and crying, she came downstairs.  My little one just wanted a hug.  She wanted her mama’s heart.  We sat and snuggled for about 10 minutes, then we sang “You and Me Together” in each others ears and to each others hearts.  “You and me together we’ll be, forever you’ll see, we two can be good company, you and me, yes together we two….” and on it goes.  It was a sweet time.

I want this journal to be something special between her and I.  A place for our hearts to go and our words to be spoken.  There is something special that happens when someone takes the time to write to you.  I will always hold my daughter and tell her I love her.  But this… gives me one more way to sink those truths deep into her heart……….

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