My Jakers

28 May

I just love to brag on my kids!  Yesterday I was teaching at my kids’ school, and had an EA come up to me and tell me this story.  As she was talking, I noticed her necklace, which looked like a stylized Ichthus fish.  🙂

You’re Jacob’s mom, right?  Well, I just wanted to tell you how he blessed me the other day.  It must have been around his birthday, and the teacher was letting the kids tell and sing their favorite songs.  They were getting towards the end when Jacob raised his hand tall and said, “I have one!”  He then started singing, without any fear and in a pure voice, Jesus Loves Me.  Before he was done 5 or 6 other kids joined him.  I had tears in my eyes, it touched me so deep !  And it was okay because it came from him, a student.  I just had to tell you how much that blessed me and still touches me.  He is a very special boy.

Right on!  So often I talk about Laura because she is the extrovert who pushes all the boundaries and challenges me each and every day.  But always there is my Jacob, right alongside me, who has the sweetest, most kind heart you can ever imagine.  Laura might be the one to loudly proclaim Jesus from the rooftops.  But Jacob is the quiet leader who simply loves people for who they are and gently tells them about his friend, Jesus.  My mama’s heart couldn’t be happier with these two totally different yet awesome kids……..

I love both of my kiddos!  They are amazing little ones who not only will change lives, they already are changing lives.  🙂

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Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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