The difficulty of food

11 Jun

Probably the hardest part of this disease for me right now is the unavailability of foods that I can eat when I am away from home.  I try and take something with me if I’m gone for more than a few hours.  But there are times when I forget, and after a few hours I find myself dropping.  What that means is a serious lack of energy.  I’m not sure if it could be low blood sugar.  I know some other Crohnies deal with that when they don’t eat every few hours.  I do know that with me, I need to eat every 2-3 hours or I start to fade.  I don’t like getting like that.  Food can just be a difficult but necessary aspect of life when you have a digestive disorder……..

Today I went to Seattle with the kids.  I thought I grabbed an apple to eat on the way home, which would have been just the right timing, but I didn’t.  So, as we were walking back to the car, my energy took a nose dive.  A 40 minute drive home, plus a quick stop at the store, put me at an hour or more past when my body really needed to fuel.  Ugh……sometimes it’s hard to do anything much even after I’ve gotten something to eat.

If you don’t know by now, the reason I don’t just grab something at some place along the way is this stinkin’ disease.  I have to be very careful with the foods that I put in my system.  If I put the wrong thing in, I usually feel it within an hour.  I can get some serious gas cramps going on, as well as aches and pain.  It can last a day or more.  I guess if it was life or death, I’d eat something and deal with the Crohn’s consequences later.  But if I can, I wait until I can get home to where I know there is likely SOMETHING that I can eat.

I used to love to eat, and cook.  With life these past 9 months I feel like I’ve just been surviving in terms of food.  I’m not very creative any more.  I miss the rich flavors that I used to be able to create and eat, and know I could get there again if I had the time.

My ultimate wish?

To have my own private chef for a year to make delicious foods that I can eat, and then recreate on my own.  Maybe then food wouldn’t be so difficult……..

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