Dried herbs

04 Jul

I’m really liking my herb garden this year, though I’m still at a loss sometimes as to what to do with all this wonderful green stuff!  Last year I didn’t have it in a good spot, so it didn’t flourish.  But this year I moved it against my south-facing white fence, and they have gone bonkers!  Just this past week I was able to take some Lemon Balm, Chocolate Mint, and Pineapple Sage and dry a couple tablespoons.  I have an old food dryer (meaning….we used it when I was a kid…but it still works!), and it’s super easy to just snip some herbs, strip them of the leaves, and arrange the leaves on the trays.  6 hours later and I’ve got dried herbs!

I’m really looking forward to possibly drying enough to last me part-way through winter.  I’ve got some oregano and parsley I’m going to cut and dry soon, as well as some spearmint that should be good.  I’ve also got a few more pots that I need to fill.  My basil is not going so well in the pot it is in, so I think I’ll transplant it this coming week into a bigger/better drainage pot and see how that goes.

Overall though, I am very pleased with my little “country” herb garden!  I don’t have a ton of space, but what I do have is going great, and makes me feel good that I’m growing my own stuff.  🙂

OH…and my tomatoes, which are also on this same fence?  They are growing amazing!!!  Last year was such a disappointment because of our lack of a long growing season, and I am glad to see that moving the tomatoes to the fence, even though I planted early, has worked out!

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