LA Wrap-up

10 Jul

Well, Mark and I have had some time to decompress after our trips.  The kiddos are still just chatting away, catching each other up on their various adventures.  It’s kinda cute, because at times they want nothing to do with their parents but would rather spend the time with each other!  Very cool…..

So, in terms of LA……

We have had the chance to talk with our adviser who knows this business.  Mark and I both have a ton of acting and stage experience, but nothing in this realm.  It was good to sit down today and get some more insight into how things work.  In terms of what the future holds, we will see.  With two of the agents/managers who gave Laura a call-back, apparently they are big names and very well-respected.  And apparently they don’t give call backs just because.  If you got a callback, it’s because they have already committed in their heads that they want to work with the kid.  So, our job now is to follow-up with the agents.  That will mean, in part, sending down clips of Laura’s commercial, monologue, and copies of her pictures.  Eventually, it will mean flying down to LA to meet with the agent we choose.  From there, more options are available depending on what they see in Laura, and where they feel is the best fit for her.  We still are not sure how much work we can do up here, and how much of it would require us to be in LA.  We are trusting the path laid out for us, and taking each step as it happens.  I’ll let you know what happens in our follow-up in the next couple of weeks.

Overall, we are both very satisfied with this trip and what it accomplished.  We knew going in that the chances of being “discovered” were pretty slim (think “American Idol” and how many thousands of people try out…even really good ones….and never make it).  Out of the 700-800 participants this past week, I can count on one hand those that walked away “discovered” as possibly being the next big thing.  The rest of the people, if they got call backs at all (which many did not), it will take hard work to get where they want to go.  Our goal was to learn about the business and open doors, and that is exactly what happened.  We also wanted to give Laura a fun experience that she will never forget.  And THAT is a for sure!

I do want to say thank you to everyone who supported us, both emotionally and financially.  Mikey…thanks for getting us down there on the plane!  Tonja…thank you SO much for your advice and guidance on clothes.  In the time you took to help me outfit Laura, you unknowingly gave me confidence in my own self and what looks good.  Grandma’s and Grandpa….you know what you did and how awesome your help was, in all realms!  The rest of family and friends that helped….love you all!  All my FB friends….I was glad to have you all following along!  It was a huge boost of support to read your comments!  And to my “crazy” neighbors across the street…..this is just another notch to write about in our never-ending book of adventures!!!  I can’t even list all the ways you helped, but know that I am eternally grateful for everything you did.  Are you hanging on for this ride????  🙂


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