LA Food

14 Jul

Well, I’ve been back a week, and I finally have time to write about how I survived in LA food-wise.  Let me tell you…it wasn’t easy.  Mexico last year was so much easier.  Though I ate the same thing for every meal, at least I was able to eat at each meal!  With our schedule in LA, I only had time for one real meal each day, 2 if you count the banquet dinners that were not served until 8 pm on the two awards nights, by which time I was famished!!!

Thankfully, we had time most mornings to eat in the restaurant.  I was able to order a huge omelet with various things inside, and a side of fruit.  Though I’m sure they added milk to their eggs, it was the best that I could do and just needed to hope and pray that my stomach cooperated.  For the most part, it did.  But the hardest part was the rest of the day.  I took with me on the trip some Energy Bites, Banana Bread, and Chocolate Cake that I could snack on.  I also had fresh fruit.  What it looked like is this:  I had a big breakfast, and then snacked through the day.  I think the Energy Bites saved me.  I took those wherever I went, and ate one or two whenever I felt hungry (most times while standing in line!).  My stomach did not always agree with me though.  At times I had some pretty good stomach cramps/pain going on.  Not sure if they were from all the nuts I was eating, the fresh fruit, or the unknown breakfast.  I also drank a ton of coffee.  I had to to keep going.  Two of the nights I got just a few hours of sleep, and it was my job to keep Laura going, so I did what I had to do to keep myself going.

The banquet dinners were difficult.  Each night the chicken was served over a bed of potatoes.  VERY bad for someone on SCD (potatoes are very hard to digest and full of starch which feeds the bad bugs in your gut).  There were sauces, which I tried to avoid.  And veggies cooked in who knows what.  I ate what I could, because I needed the fuel.  Again, I just prayed it would not affect my stomach, and for the most part it was okay.  I did eat a few tiny bites of the dessert each night.  I just couldn’t resist.  🙂

Thankfully, I did make it through this trip.  I would not recommend anyone with a digestive disorder and very limited food options to do something like this very often.  There are days right now where I know my system is trying to balance itself out again, and that might take a few more weeks until things are level again.  For the most part though, I am satisfied with how it all came down.  I had a plan for eating, and that plan worked.  It wasn’t very glamorous, but I got through each day, not too much worse for the wear.

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