Maker of Miracles

14 Jul

This weekend our church is introducing a new worship song called “Maker of Miracles.”  I have fallen in love with this song, and all that it conveys.  Last night, my mind couldn’t stop running around in circles.  But at every turn, I would hear the words of this song reverberate deep in my heart.

You still give sight to the blind.  Heal the broken and provide.  Yes, I believe You’re the maker of miracles.  You still open ears to hear, and silence all my doubt and fear.  Yes, I believe You’re the maker of miracles.  I believe love never fails.  I believe Your power prevails.  I believe hope never dies.  And I believe faith is alive.  I believe You conquered the grave.  I believe You’re living today.  I believe You set me free.  And I believe You live in me.

My mind couldn’t stop last night because, it seems, the time has come.  All these months we’ve had the threat of losing our house in the back of our brain.  We filed Bankruptcy, and that stalled it out for a few short months.  The trustee has now told the bank that it can sell our house, and the sale date is July 22nd.  We have hired a lawyer and are trying to negotiate with the bank, but so far, his calls have gone unanswered.  If we do not hear from the bank, and start a conversation between lawyers, our house will almost certainly sell at a foreclosure auction on July 22nd.


Am I scared?


I couldn’t stop last night thinking about all the things we would need to sell in order to leave this house, and all that we would lose.  The questions of “Where will we go?  What will we do?” kept turning and turning inside my head.  I don’t like unknowns, and this is a big one.

Yes, I am scared.  I do not like this.

But I will NOT sit here and feel sorry for us, or try to gain sympathy for our situation.

I WILL put my foot down in FAITH that it will all be taken care of.

I am human, and cannot control these wonderful emotions that God has placed inside of me.  I get scared….I get anxious.

But I still know….way deeper than all of the doubt and fear…that it will be okay.  We will be taken care of.  Even if we lose everything….we have not lost HIM.  He will be with us forever.

The song “Maker of Miracles” will fade into another wonderful song this weekend called “The Greatness of Our God.”  These words too keep running in my brain.  I cannot stop them, nor do I want to.  I will cling to what I know right now…

Give me grace to see beyond this moment here.  To believe that there is nothing left to fear. That You alone are high above it all.  For you my God, are great still.  No sky contains, no doubt restrains all You are, The greatness of our God.  I spend my life to know, and I’m far from close to all you are.  The greatness of our God.  And there is nothing that could ever separate us from Your love.  No life, no death, of this I am convinced that You my God, are greater still…….

In this exact moment God, give me eyes to see beyond.  Give me strength to believe past this.  Because no matter what happens, I know that You are greater than all of it.  There is nothing that can compare to your vast love for us.  Nothing can contain your power.  You are greater than all of these circumstances.  To say anything else would be to put you in a box, and there is simply nothing that can contain you.  No matter what happens, I know…..that you are greater….still.

Are you in need of a touch from God?  Do you need to be reminded that he is a Maker of Miracles, and that he is above all your circumstances?  Then come to The Rock Church this Sunday.  9:30 and 11:30.    I hope to see you there.

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