Blood draw

23 Jul

Oh, I am soooo looking forward to having my blood drawn on Monday!!!  Truly, I am.  I think my thyroid is screwed up again, though I’m not sure which way, and I want to figure it out and get on to fixing it!  Right now, my energy is generally through the toilet.  Yesterday, I had a nice breakfast like I always do (one that usually sustains me for at least 2-3 hours), and after just and hour and a half I crashed, and crashed hard.  My body goes all sluggish, my mind slows down, and I just have to rest.  I DO NOT LIKE NOT HAVING ENERGY!!!

Here’s the history on my thyroid:  I know for a couple of years before Crohn’s it was off, but regular doctors thought it was fine (apparently the tests came back as “just on the line”).  Once I started seeing my Naturopath, we realized there was a legitimate problem….it was low.  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is what they call it.  It can result in a big loss of energy, among other things.  Two summers ago my energy was about 25% of normal, and that’s how I lived.   Then, we got the thyroid leveled out, my energy came back up to almost normal ( due to other supplements and fixing other things along with the thyroid), and it stayed that way for a while.  We test my thyroid usually every 3 months, and I think it was stable for 3 rounds, so 9 months.  Then, all of a sudden, one of the tests for thyroid came back way high!  I was having trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, and a slew of other things that did not make life fun.  SO…..we monkeyed with my drugs, and the Doc asked me to come in in just 2 months time to get another blood draw and see where things were at.  That’s where we sit right now.  And I’m positive things are goofy again.  I’m having vivid dreams again, which I think are interfering with my REM sleep.  I’m tired…..a LOT.  It seems hard to get stuff done around the house.  Just a general….ugh when my energy is down.

Soooooooooooooo……I want them to take my blood, and I want them to take it NOW!!!  Hopefully we can get these results back quick, and get this straightened out.  I want normal life back…… 🙂


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