The details….

27 Jul

Okay, so here’s where things are at right now with our house, with a bit of a recap to clear things up:

When we filed bankruptcy it put on hold the foreclosure sale.  In that time though, the bank who owns our home loan petitioned the court to let them sell the house, even with us being in bankruptcy.  We knew that the bankruptcy court would grant this to them, and we knew the timing would be tight.  When the bankruptcy court said “yes” to the bank, that they could sell the house, the bank already had a date set for foreclosure, and it was just over a week away.  Until the bankruptcy court gave the bank that permission, we could not negotiate with the bank on our home loan….and we simply had to wait.

When the bank was given the okay to sell our house, we had just over a week to try to negotiate, otherwise the house would sell on the date they already had set, which was July 22th.  Very tight, to say the least!  WELL… that one week time span our lawyer was finally able to talk with some real people at the bank, and agree to at least talk with them.  This put a hold on the foreclosure sale, for another month, and gave us some much-needed room to breathe.  The next sale date is August 26th, but we are feeling pretty good right now.  Things have lined up perfectly for us to be able to renegotiate the loan and get a lower house payment that, now that Mark and I both have jobs, we can afford.  The end result being…we don’t have to lose our house.  We hope…..

Things are looking up.  Throughout this process we have trusted in God, and his plan for our family.  At times it has felt like all we could do was keep bailing water as it poured over us and shoot arrow prayers skyward.  But we knew all along that He had it under control, whether we felt it or not.  The journey with our house is not done yet, but we are confident.  We know HIS plans are greater than our own, and we trust HIM, whatever those plans may be.

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Posted by on July 27, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


One response to “The details….

  1. Michael Guy

    July 27, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Awesome!! God provides.


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