Tired of it….

11 Aug

No, I’m not all sad or getting down.  I’m just tired of my body doing what it’s doing.  Today is a day where I’ve just said, “I’m tired of my body attacking itself.  I’m tired of all this yo-yo stuff where I don’t know what’s going on.  I’m just….tired of it.”

There are just times, when dealing with this disease, where I just want life back to normal.  I want to be able to eat whatever and not worry about what it will do to me in a few hours or days.  Yesterday I took probably 10 small candies while at the movie with the kids.  Reses pieces is what they were.  Not sure if that’s what is causing stuff to happen today, but that’s the likely culprit.  Or, it could just be my body acting up for no good reason again.  Ugh……

I know that my body is not designed for this.  HE did not design me with a body that attacks itself on a minute level, every second of every day.  I know by HIS stripes I am healed.

I’m just really looking forward to the day when I see that manifestation in my body!!!

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Posted by on August 11, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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