29 Aug

Okay, before any of my friends throw any smart remarks about being normal, let me just say that I’m referring to my thyroid.  🙂

It’s been about a month, I think, since I’ve been back on my normal dose of Cytomel and Levoxyl.  Before that, my energy had tanked to about a constant 40-50% and my weight had gone up without any reason.  Now, I’m feeling my energy is back to a respectable 80% (yes, I can tell and put a percent on it!).  I’ve also lost those extra pounds that I’ve put on, which is good news and bad news, probably.  The good news being that, if my thyroid is back working like it should have been, it means my metabolism is working again.  The bad news is that, with the Crohn’s, it likely means my body is not absorbing all that it needs from the food that I eat.  Sigh…just the way of life with this disease.

I’m just glad my energy is back.  I can function on 80%.  I’m actually feeling almost refreshed after 8 hours of sleep, instead of getting 10 hours each night and it feeling like I hardly slept at all.  I also feel I have the reserve energy to muscle through when I’m tired, though if I push it too hard then I will crash and crash hard.

We will test my thyroid again in about 2 weeks.  We are trying to avoid the yo-yo effect, which would make my thyroid go way high and result in anxiety, racing heart, and difficulty sleeping.  We will see how things go!

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Posted by on August 29, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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