31 Aug

oh crum….what did I eat?  This is some of the worst pain I’ve had since being diagnosed almost 2 years ago.  Low gut pain…didnt move from the table for almost 30 min.  Just bending over hurt.  What was it that’s causing the pain?  Eggs for breakfast, granola bar for lunch, leftover chicken with cauliflower taters and grapes for dinner.  Did not overeat the grapes…so that is out.  Made my chocolate cake yesterday but did not overdo that.  Ahhhhhhhhh….had about four big sips off my kids sprite/cherry coke at the movie today.  That’s the likely culprit.  Hot shower helps some, and tylenol pm taken so I don’t get anxious about the possibility of the pain.  First time blogging from my bed.  🙂  have to keep journaling this disease and my life… matter where and what.  goodnight.

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Posted by on August 31, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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