19 Sep

I have a debate running through my head about this post, and about the diseases running through my body.  I wanted to title it “Not my friend…” but figured that wasn’t really true.  I just couldn’t write this post with that title.  But at times, when you have your own body attacking itself every second of every day, you can come to see your body as not your friend at all.  A friend does not attack something it loves with the intent of destroying it. Auto-immune diseases attack the body, non-stop.  There is no way to stop the onslaught meant for destruction.  

But, even though my body is not working the way it should, I still can’t say it’s “not my friend.”  God created me, and this body, with all its flaws both inside and out.  Yes, I can get frustrated with it at times, and want to tell my stomach “Will you please stop wreaking havoc inside of me?!?!!?!?”  🙂  But to call this body my enemy would be to call everything He made inside of me and all of His promises to me…..false.  I just can’t do that.  I have to believe.  Without my hope and trust in God, I would be lost.  I need to focus on the health and the life and the joy He has given me, instead of the physical ailments.  This body is just a “tent,”- it’s not my permanent home.  Someday my body will be free of these diseases.  But my spirit is already free because of Jesus who has saved me and healed me.

I believe…..

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Posted by on September 19, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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