Get your hands up!!! Part 1

18 Oct

I just love the story in the Bible of Moses holding his hands up.  The Israelites are battling the Amalekites, and as long as Moses holds his hands up, the good guys win.  But Moses is really only human, no matter how cool he is, and so after a time, his hands get tired and he drops them.  Guess what???  The bad guys start to take control of the battle.  So what happens next?  The two guys with Moses prop him up on a rock, and hold his hands up for him!  The battle turns again, and the good guys end up winning.

I love this story for the lessons that I learn for my own life, and keep coming back to over and over again.

The first is that we cannot do this life alone.  I can just picture the scene:  The regal Charleton Heston-ish Moses standing up, high on a hill, robes flowing in the breeze, holding his hands up strong.  A look of fierce determination races across his face.  He KNOWS that the battle will be won by his people, because he KNOWS that God is with them.  As the minutes and maybe hours wear on, and the battle wages, his arms start to weaken.  Moses grits his teeth together and MAKES his arms stay up.  His knees start to shake.  His eyes burn.  Maybe he screams out in pain and frustration.  But no matter how much of a spiritual leader and giant Moses was, his arms finally gave out.  I can imagine the agony in his heart at that moment when he realized he could no longer hold his hands up.

But the cool part comes next when his two friends take him by the hand, and set him on a rock.  Then, knowing that God was with them, they took his hands in their own and raised them to heaven.  They helped Moses do what he could no longer do, knowing that God had a plan and they trusted in that plan.

I find that a community of friends and believers is so essential in our lives today.  Just as Moses needed his friends on that day, we too need to surround ourselves with people who will speak life and encouragement to us.  And we need those people who will still believe in us, and the vision that God has given to us, even when our hands grow weary.  Those people who will not just lift our spirits with words, but will physically lift us up when needed, are so necessary.  I grow weary at times.  My hands grow weak.  I might cry out in frustration at the dryness of life.  My heart screams to find the strength to carry on, but sometimes, I just need those words from a friend to lift me up and carry me through. I think, if we were honest with each other, most of us would recognize that we’ve been there a time or two.  It’s not a lack of faith, it’s simply that we grow tired.  I encourage you that when those times come, to pick up the phone, be vulnerable, and ask someone to hold your hands up.  Be honest and open, and tell what you need.  Let people help you.  Let them hold you up, until you can hold your hands up yourself.

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Posted by on October 18, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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