Get your hands up!!! Part 2

19 Oct

Yesterday I wrote about Moses, and him failing.  Yes, the giant of all giant spiritual leaders….failed.  But what happened at the end?  His friends held him up.  That was the message of the first part of this.  That we all need a little help now and then, and it’s A-okay.  God designed us for community and fellowship and to lift each other up when needed.

Today, the message is pretty simple.  In this story about the battle between the Amalekites and Israel, as long as Moses kept his hands raised, the battle was going in favor of the Israelites.  But as soon as he dropped his hands, the bad guys started to win.  This message is simply one of declaring who is in charge of the battle, and trusting the victory to Him.

There are times in this life where I get tired.  And there are times where, plain and simple, I just don’t feel the power flowing inside me.  It doesn’t mean that God has left me.  It’s simply a quiet power, or the stuff that is on my plate every day has gotten to be a bit much, and I’m distracted.  But in those times….I lift up my hands.  I’m not being fake because I’m not feeling the love right then….sometimes we simply need to go on what we KNOW and not necessarily on what we feel or don’t feel.  I’m simply being real in saying, “I need you God….right now.”  It’s a way for me to declare the victory over the battle, whether it’s kids or money or disillusionment with life……when I lift up my hands to heaven I am saying, “I trust you, God.  I know that even if I don’t feel you here….you are here.  In faith I surrender my hands, open them up, and KNOW that you are here, in control, of every single thing.”  I know about myself that if I’m in one of those spaces, and cross my arms, I’m letting the enemy win.  But if I can just lift up my hands…..I’m declaring to myself HIS victory over that battle.  It’s in the freedom to trust Him that I raise my arms.  Sometimes I can’t get them high enough, I’m reaching for him so deeply!  And at other times all I can do is sit quietly, with my hands open in front of me.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like.  For me, getting my hands in the air is my heart deeply and passionately trusting everything about God, his Son, and the power of his Spirit inside of me.

So, when things get you down…..GET YOUR HANDS UP!!!  You’ll be amazed at the freedom that is won when you simply declare HIS greatness through such a simple gesture.

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